As much as we’d like to, we can’t always maintain a state of balance. Stress sometimes gets the best of us and life can come down hard. When this happens to you, how do you bring yourself back into balance?

I know what I do and let me tell you I am vigilant. Yes, I am busy and yes, stress rocks the boat when I’m not watching, but instead of going crazy eights, I have learned to follow a specific regimen to calm the seas. And I have to say, my life is pretty stable. Other peeps not so much, like my friend Penelope.

So, Penelope is a single mom with three sons. They are four, seven and eleven-years-old. Can you imagine, three boys under the age of twelve? I have daughters and I don’t know what it’s like to raise boys, but I can imagine Penelope must live a super busy life.

Monday through Friday, she wakes up an hour before the boys so she can make coffee and check her email before herding them to school and getting to her job at a café a few blocks from her house. Penelope describes that hour as decadent. But is it worth giving up an extra hour of sleep?

Penelope says YES.

What do you do when your life spins out of control? How do you bring balance back into your life? Here are a few ideas that work for me.

Get Your Rest

If you snuggle under a blanket watching The Late Show when you know you have to be up at six am, you might not be putting yourself in the best position to navigate the day. Let your mind and body rest.

Eat Healthy

Okay, so I am vegan, which I absolutely love. Other than dipping into a bag of BBQ potato chips now and then I don’t eat much processed food either. But you don’t have to be vegan to eat a healthy diet.

Buy organic and prepare as much of your food as possible. Avoid visiting restaurants that may not use healthy cooking practices. Ever go to a brunch and order an omelet? Just watch how much oil they use to cook your “healthy” omelet. Sometimes it’s two or three tablespoons – at 100 calories per! Not good.

Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils turned my life around. At one point I was sick and stressed and super unhappy. I began using essential oils and changes came in a very short time.

So now I start my day with oils and end my day with oils. They help me to stay balanced and when life kicks my butt, they help me get back on course.

Hey, there are things you can change and things you can’t, but these three ideas can help you maintain balance and when you drift out to sea, they’ll help reel you back in.

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