There is no such thing as TOO MUCH.

Too much love, too much beauty, too much indulgence, too much anger. 

Every single experience you have is a reflection of what needs are, or are not, being met.

When you reach for that third glass of wine, you are satisfying a need. Perhaps to numb out a pain, to release responsibility or a desire to let the good times roll with good friends and a comfortable environment.

When you lash out at your partner or your kids, it’s not because you hate them and are a terrible person, it’s due to a need not being met. Maybe you haven’t eaten in five hours and your blood sugar is low, or maybe a co-worker insulted you and never apologized, or perhaps you feel unseen and neglected and as though your opinions don’t matter. All of these needs could cause ANYONE to lash out.

Stop beating yourself up for your natural reactions.

At every given moment your body and subconscious are working diligently to bring your being back to homeostasis, a state of balance. Our reactions and actions are ALWAYS a reflection of what is going on internally.

There is no such thing as TOO MUCH, so instead of feeling frustrated with yourself, focus instead on awareness.

Awareness of your needs.
Awareness of your feelings.
Awareness of your natural ebb and flow of emotions.

The next time you feel frustrated by your outward display of rage or your internal negative self-talk, take a moment to pause, reflect on the situation and ask yourself; “What need am I trying to meet? What need is not being met?”

In doing so you will enter an empowered state of consciousness, igniting a conversation between your body, mind and soul.

Allow your body to be your greatest teacher instead of your most loathed enemy. 

Deanna Deacon is a Holistic Health Coach and Founder of Soulful Sisterhood. Deanna’s clients live an empowered and inspired lifestyle courtesy of their body’s natural wisdom and soulful accountability. You can also find more information at and on Facebook.



Image courtesy Dieter Robbins.