Do you ever leave a situation with a friend or a romantic partner and feel exhausted? Like that person is actually sucking your energy out of you? This might be the effect of you being a highly sensitive person, and them being an energy vampire.

In this week’s Real Love Revolution blog and vid, I will cover:

  • Understanding and Identifying Energy Vampires
  • How to Protect Your Energy
  • Best Practices for Preserving Your Energy as an Empath/Highly Sensitive Person
  • How to Avoid (Or Limit Time with) Energy Vampires

Last week, I talked about how to determine if you are an empath, and this week, if you found out that you are in fact an empath, I will be telling you how to lose energy vampires so you have energy to thrive in your own life. Part of protecting your energy is to first understand what it means to be an empath or a highly sensitive person, which are two different things.

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If you are a highly sensitive person, you have a very sensitive nervous system and are sensitive to subtle shifts in your surroundings. You can become easily overwhelmed by crowds and circumstances. You’re dialed into energies around you and even the weather can highly affect you. The difference between being an empath and a highly sensitive person is that all empaths are highly sensitive people, but the opposite is not necessarily true. So, if you’re an empath, not only are you very dialed into your surroundings, you don’t like crowded places, you know when people are lying, etc., but you also can actually feel what other people are going through. So, it’s a beautiful and painful way of going through life if you don’t learn how to protect your energy.

So how do you take this vulnerability and turn it into your superpower? The first thing you should do is recognize your empathic or sensitive nature, and then learn how to take care of yourself and your energy so that you have more energy for you.

Check out the video for specific tips and strategies to lose energy vampires and harness the power of your sensitive nature.

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