Nothing moves unless you are determined to push.” ~Nicky Verd

When we want something, we can be so focused and determined.

We can also be our own worst enemy.

It’s in our nature to get sidetracked and distracted. It’s like we can’t help it. One minute we are completely engrossed in our plan, motivated to the max, and the next we are sorting through clothes and deciding what we want to donate (me, last week!)

For the most part, we know when we are procrastinating, delaying or purposely taking a break, and we can easily re-direct ourselves.

But every so often we can go down a dangerous road of distraction, one that leads us way off track.

It’s called Comparison Lane.

Maybe you’ve driven on it. Maybe you’ve been quick to make the U-turn when you find yourself going too far down the one-way road of curiosity, questioning and comparison.

Or maybe you got on the path and got so swept away, that before you knew it, you were so far from your intended path you needed some help to get you back on it.

If we’re being honest, I think we’ve all been there.

Here’s the thing. It’s okay to look and see what other people are doing. It’s natural and it can be motivating and inspiring.

But there’s a fine line between inspiration and despair. Looking can quickly turn into losing track of your time and fixating on all the wrong things. It can make you feel like maybe you’re doing it wrong, messing something up, or that you could be doing it differently, bigger, better.

This is what we think, but it doesn’t quite make sense. After all, your ideas came to you for a reason. You’re the only one who can execute them in your own way. Maybe someone else is doing something similar, but trying to make yourself more like them is just wasting your own natural talent, abilities and gifts.

Every time you question what you’re doing, you’re signaling to the Universe that you are in doubt.

And why would you ever doubt your dream?

Picture this. You enter an elevator. You hit “P” for Penthouse. That’s right. You are heading straight to the top!

Except you don’t. Even though you are excited about being in the penthouse—seeing the amazing view that’s waiting for you, the one you’ve been dreaming of and working for—you do this really odd thing.

You stop on every floor along the way. You stop, get off the elevator, spend time on that floor and then eventually remember your destination and get back on the elevator.

You do this over and over again, until finally, finally, you reach the top floor.

You do this because you want to make sure you’re not missing something. You want to see what everyone else is doing. You want to make sure you really are headed to the right destination.

But all this stopping is just that: stopping.

How can you focus on moving forward towards your dream and how can you build any kind of momentum, if you are constantly stopping, pausing, looking, waiting, wondering, and questioning?

Do you.

Do you even when you feel people are judging your choices or not understanding your dream. As long as you understand, isn’t that all that matters?

Do you even when it feels like other people are trying to steal your thunder, copy your vision or imitate your unique way of doing things.

Don’t bother yourself with what they are doing. Know that you have a limitless supply of ideas and creativity if you just allow yourself the chance to stay focused.

And if they have to borrow from what you’re doing, chances are they aren’t on their right path. Chances are they aren’t tuning into their own intuition and creativity. Silently wish them well and carry on with your mission.

You simply don’t have time to worry about what everyone else is doing when you are in your own divine flow.

You have things to accomplish, dreams to manifest, and visions to bring forth into the world. Get to it!

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Get on the elevator and hit “P” for Penthouse. You can notice when the elevator stops along the way, or when people come in and get off, but don’t lose your focus.

Don’t get so caught up in where everyone else is going and how they are doing it, that you forget your own destination.

As you focus on your journey and your ultimate dream, you’ll find your creative juices are flowing. Your inspiration is brewing. Your intuition is giving you all the insight you need. And in that quiet space, you can hear it.

The Penthouse is waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

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Angie Sarhan Salvatore received her M.F.A in Creative Non-Fiction. She currently teaches college writing and designs inspirational jewelry. For more of her work, you can follow her blog, which focuses on infusing more mindfulness and positivity in your day-to-day life. For your daily dose of inspiration, find her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Image courtesy of Matheus Bertelli.