Have you seen the movie Monsters, Inc. by Disney, Pixar? The monsters scare children and collect the energy generated from their fear. It works, and over time they collect quite a large amount of energy. With a series of events challenging the status quo, the monsters decide to start taking positive energy from the kids’ laughter instead. Guess what—the amount of energy collected is tremendously more. As a bonus, the monsters are also working more happily.

Positivity builds on positivity.

The easiest way to know for sure if it works is to try for yourself. Take a moment to answer the questions below, then go take those actions. Experience the positivity you are about to create!

1. What would make you happy today? Think about it and go and make yourself happy!

(Ideas: take yourself out for a treat, have quality time with yourself  doing something you like, or simply give yourself an appreciative break)

2. How would I create a positive atmosphere at home?

(Ideas: speak positively and affirmatively; express gratitude to every family member during dinner tonight. You will find that the food tastes better!)

3. What is one positive action I would take to the office today?

(Ideas: find a strength in the person you are having a conversation with and give compliments; take three minutes without interruption to listen to everyone you encounter)

4. If I were to start a positivity movement, where would I start and what would I start with?

(Ideas: make eye contact and smile at strangers on the street, pay for the person queuing behind you, share the positivity concept with someone)

While you are thinking on the above and other various ideas popping into your mind, what have you noticed about your physical reactions or emotions?

If this article has brought you a positive spirit, you may certainly impact others with your actions. Discover your hidden positivity and let it out today!

Cindy Rosset is a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach on personal and organizational resilience building. She is passionate about experiential learning and believes that effective personal growth requires timely self-reflection and forward action-taking. 365 Days of Self-Exploring Questions (desk calendar and app) is her latest powerful tool to be launched to support making daily self-enrichment possible for everyone.


Image courtesy of Matheus Bertelli.