Who is the True you? Your True Self is YOU in another consciousness level where you only believe in Abundance, Joy, Love, and Bliss. Your True Self is on a consciousness level where you can see the life of the physical you and overview everything that has happened and potentially can happen.

You are nothing but Love for yourself and everything around you. And the only thing you do is communicate with the you on this physical plane to help YOU (and itself therefore) transform and grow into the True Self that you are.

This communication happens the entire time in the form of hunches, intuition, and emotions. It is You from a higher point of view communicating with yourself in a “lower” level of consciousness.

Where we are, in this physical body and on this physical plane, we can see and sense as much as our physical body can handle. We are limited by our mind and the limiting beliefs we hold onto. But Our True Self isn’t. Our True Self is free from all these limitations.

The only thing your True Self wants for itself (thus for you in this physical body) is to become more of itself (the True Self). So if you want to be your True Self more, start to listen to yourself more and more.

And here’s how to do that.

Everything in your life happens and has happened to help you learn the lessons to become more of your true Self.

The good, the bad, and the ugly have all been there for you to learn to TRUST yourself and to SURRENDER to what’s best for you. Not what you THINK is best for you, but what you FEEL is best for you.

It’s easier to see the benefits of the good stuff in your life, but the bad stuff has benefits as well because that too is in your best interest so you can transform your limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.

Your emotions are your guidance system to become more of your True Self

With your emotions, your True Self is communicating with your physical self, with YOU. When things don’t feel good, they’re not good for you. It’s that simple. If it feels good for you then it’s what’s right for you.

For you to navigate your emotions it’s best to be authentic and honest with yourself. Sometimes something might feel good because you’re avoiding something you’re scared of. In this case, you’re kidding yourself. Be honest with yourself.

Learn to Trust

It is difficult to trust that what’s happening in your life is in your best interest. Especially when these events and experiences are scary or painful. But still, they are in your best interest. They are there for you to learn to trust intuition (Your True Self communicating with you). To follow what’s best for you and not what you THINK is best or what other people THINK is best for you, but what FEELS best for you to do.

Being the real you means trusting yourself. This implies you let go of what you think is right for you and learn to follow what feels good.

Because through your feelings, emotions, and intuition, your True Self, coming from a higher consciousness level, guides you through your life. What our True Self knows from its higher consciousness level is something we can never grasp from our consciousness level in our physical body. That’s why it’s so important to trust your True Self and listen to what feels good for you.

Carmen Smallegange is a coach specialized in uncovering and transforming limiting beliefs. Using her own life lessons she shines a new and fresh light on negative experiences to empower others to do the same and to acknowledge and step into their own amazing potential. You can get her free workbook on how to transform your fears or follow her on Facebook.



Image courtesy Irene Dávila.