Feel stuck in a job you hate?

If you dread going to work each day . . .

Or feel like you are supposed to be doing something else . . .

Or are just going through the motions at work and feel totally bored, misplaced and even apathetic . . .

Then this post is for you!

I totally get it. Back in my corporate job days, I remember having the “Sunday night blues” each week and a lump in my stomach every day as I wrote the elevator up to the fifth floor. Then I arrived at a stark office feeling trapped in a career I had worked so hard to create.

I am so grateful those days are long gone and my current career path never feels like work. Everyone has the same potential to do work they love! But sometimes before we can move on from a job that is not a fit, we have to reframe and redefine the reasons we are there.

In today’s vlog I share why you haven’t (yet) been able to move out of your current job. This will come as a relief!


I’m offering you a new perspective – a different way of looking at your current employment situation that will empower you. Before you can make a change, it is important to change the way you perceive your current job situation.

If you feel like you are supposed to be making more of an impact or doing something that helps more people, you may be missing a huge opportunity to do that in your current job.

Not all lightworkers (people who are waking up and on a transformational path) are supposed to be authors, coaches, speakers, healers, etc. We NEED lightworkers in Corporate America and other organizations where the consciousness is still stuck in old paradigms.

Consider: You are there (for now) for a reason. You are there to help shift the energy just by being the best version of yourself each day. You are there to bring in Love and Light. See the opportunities for impact where you are rather than thinking that you are supposed to be somewhere else.  

And for those who feel like your current job has reached it’s expiration date and you must move on but cannot seem to gather the momentum, watch the vlog to find out what else may be keeping you stuck.

Once you embrace where you are and redefine your reasons for being there, you move into acceptance and out of resistance. You then energetically open the flow of opportunities.

When stuck in judgments about your current situation that make you miserable, you remain stuck. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

Key: Embracing where you are does not mean you have to stay there forever!! In fact, it will support you in moving forward in a more aligned, proactive rather than reactive way.

Please leave your comments – share how you are going to redefine the reasons why you are at your current job.



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