As I’m sitting here, at my desk that has a beautiful view on a big walnut tree that my grandmother planted when I was born, and as the rain is falling on the tin roof, I feel peace. I feel one with everything. I feel faith in the perfect dynamic of life and the universe.

That was not the case just a few minutes ago. A few minutes ago I felt stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. I was worried about my life, my relationship, my job. My head was full of questions, interpretations, and assumptions. My inner narrator was in the middle of her monologue and so wrapped up in her role that I was just waiting on standing ovations for this performance.

And then an amazing thing happened. I opened an email that reminded me of the present moment, reminded me of mindfulness and being in the now. Then I took a big breath in and a big breath out and let myself just feel the emotions without that whole story behind it.

Guess what? All of that stress, anxiety, and uncertainty just disappeared in a second. Like they were never even there. Mindfulness is that powerful.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” ~ Buddha

Step out of your feelings, detach and observe

Of course, I will feel stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and a whole bunch of other feelings and emotions again. They will come back and they will come in every shape, form, and color there is. But the beautiful thing is that I have the power to step out of those feelings at any time.

I can always return to the present moment, detach from them and just observe, just let them pass through me without affecting me. I can, at any time, detangle myself from them and hit a stop button on that narration that is playing like a soundtrack in the background.

And so can you.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort. Sometimes the story is so compelling and our excuses, reasons, emotions are so loud and overwhelming that we lose ourselves in them. Sometimes we need a little reminder, a gentle push in the right direction.

Have faith in the perfect dynamic of life and the universe

What I know for sure is when you really decide to live more mindfully, when you set your intention in that direction, that little reminder and a gentle push will always come. Always.

It will come from one direction or another, in one form or the other. Maybe it will appear in a form of an email like it came for me today, or in a form of a conversation, article, book, movie, song. Whatever is the right and best form for you in that moment.

Have faith in the perfect dynamic of life and the universe. Surrender to it.

Commit to the present moment. Return to it every time you notice that you’re somewhere else. @EverydaySeekers (Click to Tweet!)

Return to it again and again. And trust that everything you need is right here, in the now moment.

Trust that everything you will ever need will come to you in a perfect way and in a perfect time. Be open to an inspiration and guidance from your soul and listen to that voice of intuition.

You can only hear it if you pay attention. You can only hear it if you’re here and now. That is where the magic happens.

Have you tried to practice mindfulness? What benefits have you experienced so far?

Anna Fox believes that we all need to be the change that we want to see in the world – it all starts with you and me, with individuals, with everyday people who try to live their authentic and best lives. She believes that every person who lives authentically is changing their own little part of the world. She is a dreamer, seeker, life passionista and much, much more. She is also the author of “How To Be Your Best Self And Live Your Best Life“, “Everyday Mindfulness In Practice“ and “Gratitude Journal – 365 days of gratitude, inspiring quotes and photographs“. Connect with her at Everyday Seekers or on Twitter and Facebook.

Image courtesy of Kaniz Sheikh.