Almost fourteen years ago when I was sitting on the floor of the LA airport waiting for a flight, I got a phone call from a young woman named Gabrielle Bernstein. She had read my first book and was reaching out to me about an online community she was starting called Instantly we connected and became what Gabby calls “spiritual running buddies,” which happens to be tool #70 in her new book, Miracles Now, which includes 108 tools for less stress and more flow in your life.

So what is a spiritual running buddy? It is someone who is also on a path of new discoveries and has opened their heart and mind to new perceptions. It is a soul-friend who will keep you company on this crazy ride we call life. It is someone who can remind you of who you truly are when you forget.

Finding and cultivating my relationships with my spiritual running buddies like Gabby has been not only a key part of my spiritual practice but has also added so much play and joy to my life!!

Sometimes on the path it can feel lonely. You may feel misunderstood and find yourself not really vibing with friends who are not growing with you.

As our consciousness changes, often the people we surround us with need to change as well. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

To support you in connecting with your soul-friends as well as give you a sneak peek into Gabby’s book, here is an excerpt from tool #70 on attracting your own spiritual running buddies:

  1. “First, change your perception. If you’ve been walking around complaining that no one understands you, then you’re not going to attract someone who does. Change the conversation and say that you are ready to connect with like-minded people.
  2. Next, begin to pray for your spiritual running buddies to be guided to you. Trust that they are waiting for you, too, and that as soon as you clear space to meet them, they will hear your call. In this moment right now, you can say the prayer, ‘I welcome my spiritual running buddies into my life.’
  3. Finally, don’t be afraid to make connections online. If you’re a woman reading this, you can visit my social networking site and digital sisterhood, Or visit my Facebook fan page. I often hear that people meet on HerFuture or my fan page and stay spiritual running buddies forever.”

Miracles Now is full of 108 tools that are easy to digest and implement into your life every day, like how to: “Tap that stress, Surrender your obsessions, Release your energetic headlock, and MediDATE for a date.”

Go here to get your copy and grab one for your soul-friends!

And thank you for being spiritual running buddies in my life – I value walking this path with all of you.



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