Life can be so full of noise, can’t it?

How can you possibly sustain a connection with your inner self in the face of all that?

You know what I mean. The kids fighting over who gets the last cookie. Relentless news stories competing for attention. Your middle-of-the-night wondering about your life.

Consider how your whole body gets impacted. How it feels.

Try this. Take a moment to check in with yourself. Is your body tight right now? Is your stomach constricted? How are your neck and shoulders…your jaw?

Do you find yourself getting sidetracked and off-purpose? Are you caught up with worry and concern?

Here is why I’m asking you to check.

When your attention goes to the noise around you, your best intentions for yourself are undermined. @TheBacaJourney (Click to Tweet!)

Nobody wants that.

So, what could you do instead?

Sustain Your Inner Connection

I’m assuming here that you already know and value feeling connected with your inner self, so I won’t need to convince you of that. The key is learning to sustain the connection with the source of guidance that lies within you.

It takes work, it’s true. Inner guidance requires focus and commitment. The need to sustain your inner connection is not just for use in times of crises. Instead, it becomes a way of living, moment to moment.

True inner guidance comes from a relationship that you actively develop over time. It’s when you discover that you are able to rely on your own inner wisdom and sensitivity. That changes the way you live and how you approach everyday situations.  As you get to know your “best friend”, you won’t feel alone—because you can trust your inner “teacher”.

When you build a pattern of living from the inner connection, life works. It brings you an experience of constancy and inner peacefulness.

inner connection

Photo credit: Chris Blakeley on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

So, Where to Begin?

Here are some things you can start with to build your inner connection.

  1. Dedicate some “check-in” time with yourself each day. Allow time for uninterrupted silence. It can be a period of reflection, where you might look back over your day. Was there anything you would have liked to have done differently? Is there something you want to celebrate?
  2. Pay attention to the quality of your thoughts. Are you critical of yourself or those around you? Is there a belief that is out-of-date or self- limiting? Like attracts like.
  3. What tone do you use with others when speaking? Notice what attitude is present when your tone is less that it could be. Your tone gives you clues about how you are feeling towards yourself. It lets you know that “noise” is getting in your way.
  4. Notice how your body feels in situations throughout the day. Is it tense, anxious or uncomfortable? Tension is a clue to track what is needed at that moment. Note it as something to explore, not to judge.
  5. Pay attention to the synchronicities, coincidences, “random” thoughts, etc. Ask yourself questions about what you notice. Inquire within.
  6. Does your day feel effortless? If not, what is in the way? If it does, acknowledge your connection, what you are learning and celebrate it.
  7. Writing: Use writing as a way of dialoging with your inner self. Ask questions, write down the answers and read them aloud. Do the answers feel true? Let your body sense of this guide you.
  8. Action: Taking action based on trust in your inner direction develops new life perspectives, a feeling of expansion and trust. Taking action builds a new way of life that takes hold.

How about you?  What ways have you found to sustain your inner connection? I’d love to know. And who knows? What you share may be just the thing that will help someone else!

Laurie Seymour is a mentor/guide, #1 best-selling author, host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast and founder of The Baca Journey. She helps women and men who are in the midst of great change to have a direct experience of their inner wisdom, dissolving self-doubt. Then she provides the strategies to sustain their inner connection so that they live the life they know is possible with confidence. Start now with a complimentary exploratory session (virtual tea!). Let’s explore where you’ve been and illuminate where you’re heading.  

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