This is not new news in the metaphysical world and yet I think we can all use a simple review with some tools to start practicing today.

Have you ever walked into a room after a vicious argument has taken place and thought, “Wow, I could cut the tension here with a knife!” Or entered a serene temple and gotten goosebumps? We have all experienced a place that has felt tense, holy, relaxing or comforting.

These feelings demonstrate the energetic effect emotions have on physical space and matter.

What we put out in the world changes the world around us, and hence, it affects what we then receive from the world.

Attention is powerful.

Your thoughts and feelings have the impact of a hammer. Every time you think something, it hammers the wall of your reality. One strike of a weak hammer won’t do much. But if you repeatedly apply that same force, eventually your particular thought is going to breach the wall of your reality. With feelings, it’s the same, only you’re using a stronger hammer that will have a greater impact.

Here’s a quick lesson in biology that helped me understand the relationship my body has with my emotions: every major emotion—fear, love, anger, joy—has a biochemical basis in the body called a peptide. When we experience a certain emotion, the brain and various cells throughout the body produce the corresponding peptide. The receiving cells then make physiological changes in relation to the specific peptide received.

Cells develop additional receptors for the peptides that are received the most (because the body can only say “yes”). If we feel a particular emotion over and over, our body assumes that this is what we want to feel. It then responds by creating receptors primarily for that emotion, which prevents other emotional peptides from being received and also blocks other proteins that are meant to nourish and heal the body.

In this way, our body becomes physically addicted to a certain emotion. (Feel free to get more free tools on overcoming negative thoughts about your body here) We seek to experience the emotion so our body can get its “fix.” That emotion, and its corresponding peptide, is the only nourishment our body can get because so many cell receptors have become altered to receive only that particular peptide.

The Law of Attraction works on this principle. It demonstrates that by placing our awareness and attention on that which is positive and desired, that which we do not desire will naturally fall away. We will naturally attract more of the positive because it is what we are focusing our thoughts on.

None of us is absent of negative thoughts 100% of the time, but the speed with which you attract your desire is equal to the ratio of positive to negative thoughts. Feel the negative, let it go and then get back on track with this process.

Step 1. Design and Envision Your Ideal Life (Body, Mind, Spirit)

At the top of a clean journal page, write in the present tense, about the way your ideal life looks, feels, sounds.

Who surrounds you?

Where do you get your strength?

What is your schedule?

Express how you feel about this new life (again, in the present tense).

Step 2: Keep the Vision with You at ALL Times

Live in your new envisioned reality.

Imagine yourself in your ideal life and experience it—let the power of your imagination play your vision like a virtual reality simulation that you more than watch: sense it, experience, feel, become.

Practice this virtual reality simulation for at least ten to twenty minutes every day for three days. Have a single symbol (a thought or image) that calls up the entire context of the experience without your having to engage the entire simulation. Continue to experience the entire simulation at least once a week and hold the symbolic thought or image with you at all other times.

While envisioning your ideal life, it is imperative that you feel a deep sense of purpose in your vision. This is not an idle daydream to whisk you away from a darker reality. This is reality, and it is your purpose to manifest it. You must have faith.

If, at the beginning, you cannot fully connect with faith, connect with gratitude and allow it to lead you to faith.

Step 3: Connect Thought with Personal Action

Through thought and vision we create. But it is by action that we receive. Thought only manifests our desire when it is attached to personal action. Affirmations alone often will not work; they work when they inspire us toward personal action.

Through thought and vision we create. But it is by action that we receive. @laurafenamore (Click to Tweet!)

You must decide which actions are important for you to take.

Then make a commitment to them—choose to practice and engage in them with full consciousness of your vision and with the express purpose to have what your desire.

This does not mean you must force yourself to exercise three times a week or quit your job and move to Tahiti. This simply means use your current routine to root your vision into your physical reality and the space of now. Doing the dishes? Engage in your simulation while doing them. Stuck in traffic? Repeat your affirmations.

Practicing the Law of Attraction on a regular basis is a great step towards the transformation you want and deserve!

Are you ready to start practicing?

I welcome hearing your comments below.

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