Somewhere in the depths of our soul, we all have this deep-seated desire to be successful at something, to be great at something.

It is ambition.

Many people aspire after wealth, diamonds, riches, living in lavish locations and homes. Others desire to leave a grand legacy, discover great inventions or become a well-known figure in society.

Then you have those, who just want to change the world one person at a time, with one kind act at a time.

Any of these intrinsic desires is perfectly fine.

We were born that way.

It is the fuel in our engine of life.

This desire will motivate us to aspire, to set goals and to accomplish that which we most want.

Tips on How to Be Successful in Life

Let me tell you my story. My major is English and I’ve been into writing for as long as I can remember. When I graduated the University, I was full of hope and expectations. On this awe-inspiring wave, my college pal and I opened a small company, and when it didn’t work out, I had no other choice as to move to another city. First, I wanted to find a dream job. As I realized that it was virtually impossible at that moment, I started looking for a well-paid job that wouldn’t make me sick. After a month of searching, I was happy to get at least some job.

I was going through a rough time. I’d send dozens of resumes to all sorts of companies, but they wouldn’t invite me for an interview. And those who did, offered a ridiculous salary that wouldn’t even cover my rent. I had very little money, very low self-esteem, and I was beaten.

Eventually, I got a job as a waiter in a small coffee shop. There, I met a guy named Bob. I had a lot in common with Bob as he was also going through a very hard time having to assimilate in a new city and having to mend his fractured dreams. However, there was one thing that Bob had that I didn’t. He never gave up. Being a full-time waiter, he managed to study graphic design on the side. The money he earned was enough to pay for his studying and rent.

Honestly, I’m grateful a thousand times that I met him then, because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have started learning new things and improving my qualifications. It took me two years to become a truly professional writer and start climbing the career ladder in my dream field. Yes, I’m finally on it.

Throughout my life, I have also learned quite a few lessons about how to be successful in life. Many of which have been gleaned from those who have gone ahead and made billions, gained notoriety and created great inventions.

I will share them here with you. Take your time and think carefully about how you can apply these strategies in your own life.

Some may take a longer time than others to implement and to see results, but remember, a plan well executed will yield results. A plan rushed, will return nothing on your investment.

Think Big

Often times we live in the four corners of our own mind.

It sets the mental limitations that prevent us from taking those necessary steps in life.

But if you think big, your borders expand.

Dream the impossible dream and think about ways to make it possible. Only you can truly limit yourself or stop your progress.

If someone says no, then find an alternative route.

Visualize your life as a map. Find different off ramps and on ramps. Remember, sometimes the smoothest, paved road is not the best route.

Don’t Be Afraid of Hard Work

You need to gain muscle.

That muscle will help you to get through some of the muck and grime that you will experience.

It is not just physical muscle, but brain muscle. Your brain needs challenges so that it can learn how to navigate challenges and create solutions.

Never despise humble beginnings.

Many of the top leaders in the world, in politics, business or as celebrities started out at the bottom. They climbed the ladder one rung at a time.

This allowed them to learn every process as they journeyed to the top.

Do What You Love

There will be days that you won’t feel like getting out of bed.

So find what you love so that you can be motivated to get up.

There is one guarantee in life. It will not be easy. Well yes, death and taxes are the other guarantees. But no one will give you a handout without expecting something in return.

So understand that your journey will be easier and more enjoyable, if you do what you love.

What you love is often what you have the strongest talent to do. And if you don’t have that natural talent, then go back and learn the skill.

Don’t shun the concept of lifelong learning. All over the world, there are senior citizens in high schools, working towards their high school diplomas, and that is their goal in life because they were sidetracked by some great obstacle.

Find Balance in Life

Working 34/7 is not the way to live life.

You will end up lonely and alone. Your family and friends will have moved on, and when you are done working yourself to a ghost, no one will be around to take care of you.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor, while they are bearing and healthy on the tree.

Take time off.

Go on vacations.

Spend time with your family.

Find time to watch your children grow up.

Learn to work smart and not always harder.

Spend your money on yourself, but save some too.

Have a retirement plan when you are young. Consider inflation.

You have to smartly soak up the sun before the storms of life set it, even catch a few rays in a bottle. Make memories with your family because when they get older and you become less busy, your mind will return to these places.

So ensure that it will go to good and love-filled places, rather than ones filled with regrets.

Don’t work late at the office every night, missing out on having dinner with your family or not ever seeing your child’s football game.

They will remember this and as they get older, they will get more distant.

Seek out flexible options to work from home, a day or two.

In this modern age of technology, millions of people are taking this opportunity, they are using gadgets and the internet and they are happier for it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to fail.

Failure is its own lesson.

You will gain painful lessons, but be wiser for it. You will understand what not to do and know which dumbfounded knowledge does not work.

Give over to the process.

A process stays with you. It transforms your mind and your thinking. You get better.

It will shape you. You will learn about people and you will learn about yourself. From these mishaps in life, you will get stronger.

Being successful is not granted. Things are not going to be easy. You’ll have to work hard, you’ll lose hope along the way not once, and not even twice. There is no secret, just keep working.

So get up, dust yourself off and try a different strategy to be successful in life.

Julie Bradlie is a freelance writer who is deeply engaged in studying education topics. She has experience in writing works for famous media and educational blogs. She also helps students with writing essays and dissertations. Julie believes that the right choice of the topic is 90% success. You can connect with Julie on her blog Study Moose.




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