I never thought I was pretty growing up.

In fact, I actually thought I was a bit of an ugly duckling. I look back on photos from high school and I honestly cringe. My skin was broken out. My hair was just ‘blah.’ And I suffered from low self-esteem that affected how I stood, acted and put myself out in ‘there.’

Can you relate?

To be fair, I had a supportive upbringing. My mother always told me she loved me. My extended family was loving. We had no history of emotional or physical abuse. And I’m sure she even told me on more than one occasion that I was beautiful. And yet… I never considered myself ‘pretty’ growing up.

So what the EFF was wrong with me that I felt like I wasn’t good enough?

Did you think the same way?

If you’re nodding your head ‘yes’, I encourage you to read on.

You see, I’m a Love and Relationship coach and I have sky-high self confidence. Today.

But what someone said to me the other day rocked my world and completely had me backpedaling in reflection of how I really think about myself.

And what’s going on underneath the surface.

Here’s what she said to me: “Emyrald, I’ve really enjoyed meeting you. I’ve never been friends with one of the pretty girls.”

Um, wow. Okay. Thank you.

And I was flabbergasted.

It had me questioning how I really thought about myself. I honestly had NEVER thought about myself as one of the pretty girls.


Yes, I think I’m pretty. I even think I’m sexy at times. I know I have a lot to offer my partner. But being referred to as one of the pretty girls put me back into high school and my negative self-perception of myself at that time. Accurate or not.

And I began to question myself: do I honestly have the high self-confidence that I present to the world or was I still that ugly duckling from high-school pretending to be a confident and self-assured Love Coach?

The answer to that question I honestly don’t think is for you. Instead, I want YOU to do your own reflection on how you think about yourself.

So, let me ask you this:

If you felt pretty, would it change how you acted when you walked into a room filled with strangers?

If you felt pretty, would it affect who you chatted up or flirted with the next time you were out and about?

If you felt pretty, would you be inspired to ask for the raise or apply for the job you really wanted?

That one reference of being a pretty girl stopped me dead in my tracks.

How we think about ourselves will 100% always affect the actions we take. So how are your thoughts affecting your life?

Imagine if you thought that you were invincible. What would you choose to do today?

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

And how would your life be different if you started to think about yourself differently?

Because I promise you, to someone else, you ARE the pretty girl, or the smart one, or the flexible one, or the kind one, or the patient one.

Whatever it is that you aspire to be, I promise you that you already ARE that person in someone else’s eyes. @PureRadiantSelf (Click to Tweet!)


So why not allow it to be YOUR eyes today, beauty?

I’ll finish with just one question for you to answer below:

How are you going to think about yourself differently today and what inspired action are you going to take as a result of your thoughts?



Emyrald Sinclaire is an acclaimed love and relationship coach, author, and inspirational speaker. She shows you a brand new way of attracting in Prince Charming so that you can live a real life Happily Ever After! Learn her secrets to finding True Love by downloading her wildly popular e-book Manifest Your Soulmate in 21 Days here. You can also connect with her on her website or Instagram for a daily dose of love and inspiration.


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