You know there have been times throughout my life when I’ve been asked why am I always in a good mood. I usually smile and first say not to equate being hyper or energetic with being happy. However, after a while it made me realize that at the end of the day, my energy level has always been at the positive end of the spectrum.

Now as I continue to learn and explore in a positive way, though some things are a mystery at my age that aren’t for most adults; I’ve found it important to focus on the positive and use that energy instead of the opposite. It’s always been a matter of logic on why that is, but sometimes learning from our regrets helps teach us the most about ourselves.

One example of the negative is suffering the loss of a loved one; another being that despite having family and friends in my life, I still experience a sense of loneliness sometimes. However, it’s fighting through the loneliness that made me really learn what and how strong my Standard Operating Energy is. And mixed with a curious nature and strong intuition, this has helped me sense other people’s energies as well…

So here are three categories and the types of people that belong to each SOE.

Even Keel SOE

I’ve always liked saving the best for last, as I feel that by the time you get to it you are also at a spot in your life where your internal light is the most wise and traveled… Which is to say, EK SOE isn’t necessarily the worst, though it’s not the best either.

Sometimes life isn’t easy, other times crazy, but life can be great as well. And through these periods, there are people who whether through the good times or bad, always find themselves in a “meh” state of mind. Generally they’re not overly emotional, or even averagely emotional, but somewhat closed off. They’re happy to keep their heads down and just go with the flow, even when the situation calls for a more active response.

Now the negative results of this type of SOE could range from that person being an enabler, as they just don’t want to rock the boat. Or when you need a shoulder to cry on, you find that they’re not necessarily equipped to help guide you through the darkness. However there are times when a discerning steady hand is needed and though these people may not be able to relate to you, they can help calm the waters.

Negative SOE

Depending on how perceptive you are, whether they’re miles away or in the office next to yours, you just know that they’re there. Now first keep in mind, that they may not even know it consciously, and or look the part of someone you would think has this prevalent energy coursing through their veins. But call it intuition or a sixth sense, you just know deep down these people thrive on the negative.

Also keep in mind this isn’t a sinister energy exactly, but one that will gladly counter your own positives if you let it. The numerous ways these people display they’re SOE is just that, many. We all know people that whether they have good hearts or the opposite, just can’t seem to get out of their own way because of this prevailing energy. You can sometimes help them see the light, if all they see is a wall.

Again this doesn’t mean they’re bad people by any means, and if nothing else, depending on what you know about them, maybe it’s the result of a rough life. However none of us really skate by uninjured, but these people use their negatives as more examples and reasons to just never elevate themselves to a higher more beautiful energy. What’s worse is if they intentionally try to take you down to their level, which can be especially difficult in romantic or other close relationships.

Positive SOE

You just like these people, and you don’t know why. Whether you know them well or as an acquaintance, a new neighbor or coworker, or just a longtime friend or family member; these people fill your life with light. No worries, they’re not always going to have blue birds singing around their head, and they’re going to have bad days and experiences like anyone else. They might even get on your nerves at times, no matter what your SOE is. But it’s how they shake themselves off and keep moving forward, make you feel better for just being around them, and not dwell on the negative that truly helps their energy remain so beautiful, so positive.

Of the three types, these are the people you want to be friends for life with, date marry and start a family with, or just go to yoga class or hang out on a Friday night with. And again like the other two, they may not be truly aware of this. They’re also not above bad decisions and regrets, because again, who goes through life without at least few? But it’s how they can see the light through the darkness and just have that internal beauty that makes them truly remarkable and genuine people.

Ironically where this SOE serves you the best, is when things are the worst. When broken down and beaten, through any number of ways, you just have this fire within you that will never go out. Sure it can dim and flicker, and you’ll need time to heal, but it’s this energy that will help you do just that… That will help you embrace the good and brightness within yourself and others.

People that have this SOE are the ones you want at your back as well. The way they uplift you with just a genuine smile, kind words, make you laugh and make you want to make them laugh, are all affects of being around them. You naturally gravitate toward them and for obvious reasons!

In The End

One measure of this can be how you wake up in the morning. It’s not so much a matter of how tired you are or what you did the night before, how you slept, or what you have going on during the day… It’s not even so much a mood, up or down, but a sense of your true energy, if you know where and how to look for it.

Are we all born with a SOE? Or is our energy imprinted on us by the people around us? Much like the nature nurture argument, the truth may be somewhere in between. And by no means are these energies static throughout our lives either, sometimes even crisscrossing with each other at times.

As a writer I’m attracted to thoughtful quotes, and just love the ones that are anonymous; as I have to wonder how they can be anonymous, as someone had to say it somewhere! And the one I’m about to use is just that, by an unknown author, but definitely reads similar to a Gandhi quote: “Be the energy you want to attract.”

Simple and effective, and a reminder that you don’t have to be stuck in the first or second SOE. Depending on how much of an incline the battle uphill is, it might be tough; but the journey to a Positive Standard Operating Energy can’t be ignored, and if nothing else can be all the more reason to embrace it everyday and night. So how do you find yourself working with your own energy and the SOE’s of others around you? The answer might surprise you.

Matt Preston is a walking contradiction for any number of reasons, as he strives to use his ample energy in a positive and artistic manner. Creativity and humor are also his driving forces in work and in pleasure. Writing is one of his passions, body mind and soul wellness one of his goals, and belief in destiny his internal motivation. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook



Image courtesy of Helena Lopes.