A common question I get is: How do I have more energy?

Having more energy is not about going out and getting more, it is about protecting the energy you already have.

We all are energetic beings and sensitive to the emotions of others and the general environment of any situation. Even if you are not aware of it consciously, you are consistently picking up stuff from your external environment.

Those of who are HSP (a highly sensitive person) know exactly what I am talking about. You feel other people’s emotions and the vibe of a room. So much so that it can totally deplete you.

How do we stop taking on other people’s stuff? And how do we go out and engage in our daily lives without feeling depleted?

These are the questions I answer in today’s vlog where I give you my five top tips for protecting your energy. This has been a HUGE part of my own development. I would not be able to do what I do without these tools.


Here is an overview of the tips that I go into much more detail in the video so be sure to watch!

1. Stay out of judgment!! We take on others stuff whenever we have an opinion about someone or going into pity.

2. Protect your energetic field by cocooning yourself in light.

3. Burn any “gunk” away by imagining a purple flame in your belly area (this is your 3rd chakra where a lot of energy that does not belong to us collects).

4. Pray and ask for help! Hand over someone else’s stuff to a Higher Power.

5. Clear your energy at the end of the day with a shower, bath or dancing it off!

I encourage you to use these tips and comment on what helps you have more energy. I always love your comments and questions.

Remember: It is possible to be compassionate and loving with others without taking on their stuff. Protect your energy to have more of it! @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)


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Image courtsey of: Activedia.