Age 25 is the perfect age to know you finally have it all figured out…

Hahaha. Just joking!

I think most of us told ourselves that this would be the time. The time of long vacations on the beach, the time of raising a family, or the time where we have our dream job and are done questioning where and what we should be doing….Well let me just say this morning I couldn’t find a pair of clean leggings anywhere in my apartment and I tripped over the door to my dishwashing machine. I am 25.




Do we place timelines on ourselves? Why do we ever for one second feel like what our life should look like is more important than what our souls shine for?

I thought I would have it all together, but what is the term all together in the first place?

To the person who defined that and put it in a box? We are now saying screw you!

I was trying to fit into this box that my soul wanted nothing to do with. The smell made her turn away. I had to pull myself out of a mindset we darn well know we aren’t meant to live in.

We are made to be so free that we are a mess.

We are made to create a path that our hearts guide and our soul paves.

We are not meant to be ever have it all “together.”

I hope to never stop questioning or looking for answers….even when I am 50.

Here is to another 25 years…

Of messiness, of wonders, of kindness, and star dust.

It’s time we are proud of our life and the choices we make, regardless of what it looks like.

Close your eyes..

Right here, Right now is all we have.

Embrace every life.

Embrace every age.

I am going to think about putting my dishwashing machine door up, but lets get real I will probably forget and trip over it again in the morning.

It’s all okay.

Welcome back to your life.

How are you living it today?

Em Garcia is a Hip Hop Artist and Writer. She is a growth seeker and believes kindness can change the world. She believes in everything and everyone. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.





Image courtesy of Mesut Kaya.