The other day my daughter reminded me of what it means to have an entrepreneur mindset.

She’s obsessed with these little dolls called Shoppies (they’re basically the love child of Shopkins).

It’s insane how many of these dolls she’s collected.

Her Sata and Sabba (my parents) recently bought her a Shoppie house complete with couches, beds, and chairs with little animal faces.

A week later when she asked me to buy her another Shoppie for her growing posse, you know what I said?

I told my eight-year-old doll obsessed daughter to get a j-o-b.

I expected her to offer to do some work for me. Or do some chores. But she didn’t.

Instead she said “Okay mom, I’ll start recording a new series on my YouTube channel.”

Which got me thinking about the stark contrast between the employee mindset and the entrepreneur mindset.

As a die hard entrepreneur I know that I have the power to create something from nothing. and so does my daughter.

But for entrepreneurs, there’s no such thing as “off the clock”. That’s why you’ve gotta do what you love.

My work? Helping other women live abundant and healthy lives, well, it doesn’t feel like work.

For the record, there’s absolutely no shame in being an employee. If you’re an employee with the mindset of an entrepreneur, you’ll shine.

But if you’re an entrepreneur operating with an employee mindset—watch out.

Here are some common examples of employee mindset…

The harder I work, the more money I’ll make.

If I follow the rules and do at least the bare minimum, my income will remain secure.

It doesn’t matter if I love what I do or not, what matters is $$$ in the bank at the end of the day.

The entrepreneur mindset on the other hand, sounds more like this…

I find the 20% of actions I can take in my business that create 80% of my results.

Breaking the rules, thinking outside the box, and giving my all is what will take me to the next level.

Having a mission and a strong reason for doing what I’m doing not only makes “work” feel fun, it allows me to make a bigger impact.

If I can dream it, I can do it.

When my daughter said she would start a new series for her already existing YouTube channel (have you seen her other videos yet?) to make money, I admittedly had a super proud mama moment.

Because you know what it tells me about her?

That she believes in her ability to add value to the world. To create something from nothing. To do what she loves and bring on the abundance at the same time.

I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s what she sees me do every day.

No matter how old you are, what level you’re at, or where your passions lie, you too can create something from nothing. @hayleyhobson (Click to Tweet!)

Surround yourself with others doing the same, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Go ahead, embrace the entrepreneur mindset and see what happens.

If you want to feel flooded with the energy of possibility, creativity, and abundance, then you need to learn how to befriend your inner boss babe and unleash your full potential. Luckily, I wrote a book on just that 😉

“Hayley keeps it real and makes it look like fun. This book will motivate you to clean up your act and make room for great things.” – Desiree Rumbaugh, Yoga Teacher and Author

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