As life happens around you, as you move through each day, we often hold onto past experiences. We hold them in our thoughts, in our soul, in the way we react to others and in the way we treat ourselves.

Past experiences that are bringing you down, holding you back and filling you with fear, worry and doubt are not allowing you to step into your amazing self. They are keeping you in the dark when you are meant to live in the light.

I lived many years holding myself back from truly loving, accepting and appreciating who I am. A feeling of abandonment lingered which made me question myself and my worth.

My Dad left my Mom when I was four.

My Dad moved to the US when I was six.

My brother went to live with my Dad when I was 12.

For YEARS I harbored sadness, abandonment and anger.

I was scared to love after the two most important men in my life had left.

When I was 34 my Mom was diagnosed with cancer.

At 35 she passed away.

My Dad and brother have always been in my life but I still felt so much pain from them leaving.

Losing my Mom filled me with worry and fear.

This is when I said – NO MORE.

It was time to find light in a dark place.

And I was done feeling like I wasn’t worthy.

I started to clear and heal the past and love myself – fully.

When I started to look within and see the love that was there waiting for me, I started to shine.

This is when the magic happened. I felt lighter, happier and my awareness opened up to the magic that happens around us each day.

I now know that my Dad and brother didn’t leave ME, they are on their own journey and doing their best and what they feel is right.

I now know that my Mom and I are always connected and that she is always around me.

I am finally living and no longer standing in my own way.

I’m embracing my experiences and constantly learning, growing and expanding.

I see the present moment and no longer dwell in the past.

What are you holding onto that is holding you back?

It is time to heal and clear this.

It is in the space of letting go and healing your heart where you will start to flourish. Your soul will ignite and your passions and purpose will radiate.

Know that your past doesn’t have to be your future.

You always have a choice.

Know that you are YOU for a reason.

You have been gifted with this life, as you, for a reason.

It is time to live fully and love freely.


It is time to release the past and love life in the present moment.

Why would you want it any other way?

Cherie Cox is a Spiritual Entrepreneur on a mission to help you heal inner blocks and love the life you’ve been gifted. Through Mindset, Energy Healing and Taking Action towards your dreams, Cherie will guide you to step into your power and live the life you desire. You are AMAZING. You are WORTHY of all that you desire. Get ready to IGNITE your inner light. #powerwithin Connect with Cherie on Instagram or her website.



Image courtesy of Ksenia Makagonova.