You are amazingly positive. You take both inner and outer action to co-create your dreams. You are consistent with your mediation, journaling, exercise, healthy eating, creative endeavors and spiritual/personal growth work. You keep embodying courage by taking action even when you feel fear and celebrate the heck out of every single little step and win. You give yourself a LOT of pats on the back and relish in gratitude. Woo hoo! I am cheering you on. There are so many blessings and delights headed your way! You will grow and create so many incredible things!

Soak up all the joy and Light that life gifts us all with.

And . . .

Allow me to lovingly remind you that storms may still come. And that is okay. They are gifts as well. Welcome them. 

I was reminded of this a few nights ago when a much needed rainy and windy storm came through SoCal and woke me up. I heard the rain pouring down, the wind shaking the windows, and the ocean roaring. Everything felt chaotic, yet required. It has been too sunny and hot here for the winter. We needed the dark clouds to wash in for the growth that will be needed for spring time to happen.

We humans are a lot like nature. We have seasons, cycles and storms. Life is not always sunshiny, because we learn through contrast.

We need the storms to create a little disruption so we can plant need seeds.

We need the dark skies to inspire us to go inside.

We need the strong winds to blow away what no longer serves us. 

We need the rain to wash away our limitations.

I love breath-taking sunsets, but to me a stormy sky is just as beautiful.

Perhaps one more intention you could set is a deeper level of trust and surrender to the ENTIRE human experience. 

Become more of a spiritual warrior by being willing to dive into the challenges that life brings rather than run from them. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

They truly are happening for you.

There is beauty in the storms of your life. Do not fight them. Allow them to wake you up. To know the Light, we must also embrace the dark. There’s nothing to fear… the sun always comes back out.

With love,


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Image courtesy of J W.