“The best stock market you could ever invest in is yourself.” – Byron Katie 

From an early age, most of us have been taught to improve ourselves. We’ve heard that in our families and especially in schools when we had to perform at our best. Get good grades and behave. We’ve been raised so much focusing on our weaknesses, flaws, and limitations, that we tend to forget about what’s right and positive.

Have you ever been curious to discover the personal strengths that make you unique and truly special? What about that gift the world needs from you, that particular talent only you have? Do you know what that is?

Here’s one powerful coaching exercise I often do with my clients: I ask them to write down at least twenty things they love about themselves. Guess what? Most of them need time to think.

On the opposite side, they have no problem listing down what they don’t like about themselves, from aspects of their body they dislike to lack of skills and abilities they’d wish to have.

Brilliant, intelligent, beautiful women are putting themselves down every day, diminishing their value, not knowing their worth, perceiving themselves as “average” or “not good enough.”

I am not here to judge. I fully empathize because I’ve been there myself. Thinking I wasn’t worthy of a healthy romantic relationship, stuck and shut down for love for years, underpaid and feeling unworthy to apply for high leadership positions at work. Fearing I would fail, hating myself for making mistakes and fighting with a terrible need for perfection. Unable to celebrate my achievements and always taking myself for granted.

It took me a while and some good quality coaching on my journey to be where I am today: loving myself as I am, happily married, and doing the job I was born to do in the world.

If you find yourself in what I’ve shared, here’s what I want you to know:

You are your most important asset. And when you value yourself, others will value you as well!

You are a magnificent human being, naturally resourceful, whole and complete.

Your talents, capabilities, and strengths are the only gifts no one could ever take from you. And yes, there might be many other people with similar skills as yours or doing the same work in the world. However, do not underestimate your value, mind your journey and find your own path. 

And always remember that “No one is you, and that is your power!” – Dave Grohl 

Sara Fabian is a Women’s Empowerment & Career Coach and inspirational speaker, on a mission to help professional women to discover their unique strengths, gifts and talents, boost their confidence, find their calling and live a meaningful life of purpose. For weekly inspiration, subscribe to her free newsletter at www.sarafabiancoaching.com or follow her on Facebook.