For the girls who run away from relationships…
You are also known as the the girls who follow your heart.

I know sometimes you don’t see it that way.
I am here to remind you…
you are NOT a failure.

You would rather bask in the sun alone, than sit
with someone where you have to compromise parts of you.

You would rather sip coffee on a crisp fall morning,
than let her your heart listen to words that do not serve it.

You would rather skinny dip in freezing water to take your breath away..
than feel your voice is being taken away.

So when is enough, enough?

Are we supposed to wait till we have a tangible reason?
Are we supposed to wait until both parties can agree?

We do not have to have some huge event happen to make us realize we need to move somewhere else…
sometimes it’s a simple nudge.

So we run with every string that pulls our heart.

I am so very proud of you!

For the person she ran away on…Just because she ran and it looked so easy…it does not mean it did not take every ounce of her.
It means she had a turn in her heart that
she promised herself as a child she will always follow.

She may come off careless to you. We actually care so deeply we are willing to hurt to follow what feels right inside and where we know we can live our purpose.

We do not run because of the person you are..
We run because of the person we are…

It’s not easy to to be defined as the girl who “Runs away.”
It’s also not easy to continue taking leaps of faith through the dark
because something was tugging at our soul..maybe ever so gently…but we follow that tug.

So for the girls who run away I am here to tell you…Run…

Run Wild.
Run Free.
You deserve nothing more than peace in your heart.
You deserve nothing more than to be so unapologetically you that the world has no choice but to let you, well…

Keep runnin’.

Em Garcia is a Hip Hop Artist and Writer. She is a growth seeker and believes kindness can change the world. She believes in everything and everyone. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.





Image courtesy of Ivan Karasev.