How much ever of a façade we put up, deep down, all of us want to be liked and appreciated. Whether it’s wanting to experiment with our career or being vocal about our feelings – there are so many instances when we avoid being ourselves because of the fear of judgment.

Ask yourself – is caring about what people think really worth it? Why should we refrain from doing what makes us happy, saying what we want to and being our authentic selves just because there might be a set of people who wouldn’t agree with us?

Life is too short to live trying to please everyone around you and just gets exhausting. Embrace your true self, get rid of your shame and be proud of who you are and your choices.

Next time you find yourself worrying about what others think, let these five reasons help you change your mindset.

Love and Accept Yourself

If only we spent more time improving our relationship with ourselves rather than trying to make others happy, we would be so much calmer and content. Well, don’t worry it’s never too late to start.

When you establish a strong foundation for self-love, people’s differing opinions about your choices cannot perturb you because your confidence speaks a thousand words. You tend to be more secure about your choices and avoid getting swayed by the external noise.

Hence, it’s important to practice self-love and treat yourself with care because if you don’t stand up for yourself, who else will? Become your own best friend. Everyone else is secondary.

You Are Your Best Judge

No one knows you the way you know yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Understand that people will talk, they will judge if they have to but only you know the reasons behind your choices and that’s all that matters.

The people around you are mere spectators. You are the hero of your story and the best judge of your life. They haven’t walked in your shoes and won’t understand where you’re coming from. So, instead of getting influenced, learn to first know what you want and go for it, fearlessly!

Set Boundaries

It’s common to seek support and get advice from others but it’s equally important to know where that advice is coming from. You need to identify a set of people who you can confide in and trust. They are the ones who are your well-wishes, who truly understand you and must be taken seriously. The others are just noise.

You have the right to take care of yourself and establishing clear boundaries helps you look after your mental health. So, don’t feel guilty about cutting out toxic people who add negativity in your life.

You Can’t Please Everyone

It’s impossible to please everyone you meet. No matter how hard you try, there will be those who will pass their judgments or express their unhappiness so why bother?

Pleasing people should never be your prerogative. By thinking people “care”, you are giving yourself too much importance. No one truly cares and most importantly, people forget so don’t take them so seriously.

As long as you are true to yourself, nothing else matters. Live the life you want to live because self-sacrifice is highly overrated.

Everyone Is in The Same Boat

You know the funniest part about all this? Everyone is in the same boat as you. You know how you think everyone is staring at you and judging you when you enter a party, that’s exactly what’s going on in everyone else’s minds too because it’s basic human nature.

Everyone (yes even that person who you think has it all sorted out) is battling their own fears and insecurities, just the way you are. What’s important is being aware of them, overcoming those fears and becoming better versions of ourselves in order to lead a fulfilling life.

Adela Belin is the Head of Digital Marketing at Writers Per Hour. She creates content surrounding marketing with a focus on social media and digital marketing. Feel free to contact Adela on LinkedIn.





Image courtesy of Becca Tapert.