“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I am not dumb…and I also know I am not blonde.” – Dolly Parton

We see life through our own unique lens and through this lens we form opinions about everything around us. Based on our perspective and life experiences we develop opinions about what we like, dislike, what we enjoy, what we fear, what we find exciting, what we find disgusting, what we like to eat, read, or do in our free time. We all have our own perception of how we view our world, which means we can all have different opinions based on these perceptions. The ability to see the world through all different perspectives is an amazing thing!

But, what happens when people take their unique perspective and form opinions about us? What if these opinions are unflattering, negative, or hurtful?

Maybe you grew up constantly being told you were ‘not enough of something’, you were not smart enough, or you were not pretty enough, or you were not good enough. Maybe as you became an adult you were told you were ‘too much’ of something else. You weighed too much, you were too old, too busy, too tired, the list could go on and on. These opinions that others form about us can stick to us like Velcro and eventually develop into our own beliefs about ourselves. Letting other people’s opinion of you become the lens you choose to see yourself through is how we develop limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Limiting beliefs are exactly that – negative beliefs that we have developed about ourselves that limit what we do in life. These beliefs can impact every single aspect of our lives, from our daily decisions to the major decisions we make in our careers and relationships. They can even impact how we define ourselves and how we feel about ourselves every time we look in the mirror.

Are limiting beliefs negatively impacting your life?

The first step in discovering your truth is through awareness. Spend some time looking at yourself and really becoming aware of the judgments you have on yourself and how these beliefs impact your life. How are they manifesting, or showing up, in your life on a regular basis? Spend some time with yourself and take note of the words you use, the thoughts you have, and the opinions that you form about yourself and others. Once you become aware of your beliefs then you are ready to dig deep and find your truth.

After becoming very clear on the beliefs that you have about yourself, decide if these beliefs are serving you in a positive or negative way. If the answer is ‘negative’ then it is time to make a change. It is time to release the beliefs that are not serving you and come up with new ones. Look at yourself through a different lens. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror come up with a new phrase that you say to yourself, a phrase that does serve you and your higher purpose. Practice this phrase and repeat it over and over until it becomes your new truth. Anytime someone (including yourself!) forms, or expresses, an opinion about you let it roll off of you and replace it with your truth.

People have the right to form their opinions. Sometimes, they will be true and other times they will be false. Other people’s perspective is beyond your control. But, the way you see yourself is up to you. Just like Dolly, know your truth. Don’t let other people’s opinion of you be the lens in which you choose to see yourself!

Lisa Wyckoff is a wife, mom, teacher, avid reader, runner, lover of learning and an Integrative Transformational Life Coach. She is on the journey of personal development with the ultimate goal of empowering herself and others through the power of positivity, confidence, and balance. You can read more articles like this, or find out more about working with Lisa, on her website lisawyckoff.com.


Image courtesy of AJ Gallagher.