As you go about your daily routine, there’s always one important thing that’s easy to forget. Many of us can’t find the time to return something back to the community because we are too busy with work. Unfortunately, a majority of people ignore the community owing to the fact that they prefer to give only what is surplus for them.

However, you need to understand that giving back to the community comes with blessings of its own. In any case, it doesn’t have to involve a large sum of charity money as it can be done in many ways. You need to ask yourself why is being a giver important. An act of charity is not just about generosity, it’s about satisfaction and spreading joy to the less fortunate. In fact, there is an unwritten law that states, ‘the more you give, the more you receive.’

Here are few reasons why you should become a good giver:

1. To Expand Your Network

A majority of people think that charity is all about paying it forward and never getting something in return. As much as it’s expected of you to give without accepting anything in return, sometimes this will equally bring you new opportunities. Take the example of whereby you decide to sponsor the education of certain members of the community. You may not know it, but some of these kids may become future business partners and open your eyes to greater things. Alternatively, you could meet other executives from other firms, and you may share ideas on how to improve the workplace. Such things happen without you planning for them; therefore, take a leap of faith and help someone in need without expecting anything in return.

2. To Give You the Morale to Do More

Human beings are emotional creature. You’re finally able to see the bigger picture of helping those that don’t have the same privileges as you. This action can give you more craving for success as you’ll want to achieve greater tasks and reach out to more people in the community. Even so, we all have that sense of humanity that pushes us to try and put a smile on other people’s faces. In other words, the personal fulfillment that comes from giving back makes you happy and contributes to your success in life.

3. To Learn Something New

Just as I had mentioned earlier, learning to be an asset to society can help you build new networks and opportunities. Even so, you’ll get to learn new skills and access new information that will take you an extra mile. You may learn how to perform CPR on patients if you volunteer for a humanitarian cause. Other skills that you can learn include social development skills and carpentry. You could decide to build a shelter for the homeless, yet you’ve never done so before. In that case, you’re likely to meet expert carpenters that can teach you a few tricks to use when building a house.

4. To Create Some Sort of Equilibrium in Life

From the moment you wake up and leave your bed to do your daily tasks to the time you get back to it, you depend on one thing to bring balance to your life – people. There’s absolutely no point in living life as if there are no other people on earth that need your help. There’s always someone that you can help. You don’t necessarily have to give them money, you can teach them a new skill. Helping others in the community can give you a sense of accomplishment so that even if other things may not go as planned in life, you’ll rest well knowing that you genuinely touched a life out there.

5. To Have a Sense of Responsibility and Purpose

You’re probably living a good life that’s above average if you’ve never lacked the basic needs in life or if you can afford the good things. However, there are so many people living around you that have no access to some of these things. You’ve definitely come across several homeless persons that asked you to spare them some change so that they can buy food. Recompensing to these people can create a joyful sensation, knowing that you’ve fulfilled a bigger purpose in life. Whatever the case may be, some of the people that are in dire need of your help get to see another day because of your generosity.

6. To Motivate Employees

Did you know that people love to give back to the community? Yes, even employees. When employees are involved in a community project, they boost their morale and productivity. They will be more willing to work because they’ve been shown that their business also cares about the community. As a result, they’ll feel a greater sense of purpose and responsibility when executing office tasks.

Life is not easy and there are those with more problems than you. Therefore, try your best to think about those less fortunate and help them where you can.

Riya Sander is an inspired writer who is passionate about traveling, lifestyle and encouraging startups, and always finding new ways to improve her work productivity. Her article comes courtesy of yourtown, an organisation which proudly provides compassion, education, and understanding for young people in Australia. Connect with Riya on Twitter.


Image courtesy of Larm Rmah.