Ever wonder what your purpose is or how to live it more fully?

The first step to discovering and living into our true purpose is to understand that the truest, and really the only, purpose of life is to grow and become more aware of the Love we are. @ChristinHassler (Click to Tweet!)

But for most of us, that understanding is not fulfilling enough. We yearn to share and express that Love in some kind of way. We feel called to make a meaningful impact in the world.  We long to do work we love.

So how do we leverage that yearning and feel like we are living a purposeful life? The answer resides in identifying, owning and stepping into our uniqueness while knowing ourselves as Love, which I explain in more detail in today’s vlog.

Everyone has a unique way in which purpose expresses through them. And everyone has access to knowing what that is. When it comes to discovering and living a life aligned with your purpose, I have a few tips for you (I go into these in more depth in the vlog):

  1. We don’t find the answers to “What is my purpose and how do I express it?” outside of us. We discover all the guidance we could ever need when we take time to go within and SEE who we truly are by connecting to our most authentic essence. No one can tell you or show you who you truly are other than you and God. Set aside time to do intentional mediation where you ask your Higher Self and Spirit to begin to show you, or rather remind you, of who you TRULY are.
  1. Stop waiting, wondering, and hoping a lighting bolt of inspiration will hit you at a coffee shop. Living an aligned life takes action! It requires getting out in the world and experimenting. It requires being willing to fail and make mistakes. A purpose driven life is not a life lived in our comfort zone.
  1. Refuse to allow limiting beliefs, fear, or “who am I to…” questions to stop you. Do not give yourself temporary amnesia by telling yourself lies like, “I’m not enough, I’m not worthy, or I’m not deserving.” The more you doubt and criticize yourself, the more you are getting in your own way. Self-acceptance is the key ingredient to opening the floodgates to insight about how you can best express your truest self. Once we get out of our own way (i.e. stop judging ourselves!) clarity emerges, inspiration does strike, doorways open, and the Universe does the happy dance because we finally recognize our awesome-ness.
  1. Understand that living a purpose driven life does not mean you necessarily have to build a career around it. We all have a Divine assignment, which sometimes translates into a career but has way more to do with how we show up and whom we serve from a place of 100% truth, authenticity and love. Even if you work in a corporation where you feel like your exact job does not translate to your purpose, perhaps your purpose there is to bring Light to your co-workers. Making a meaningful impact can be as simple as making one person a day smile.


At our core, we are all Love. That love expresses through each of us uniquely. Your purpose here is simple: Be the most authentic version of you. Tell the truth. Be unique. Express your gifts. And get out of your own way!



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