When the highs of life are replaced by the lows, it seems like the suffering is never going away. I am usually very naïve about this because the eternal optimist in me always believes that if I am happy right now, there won’t come a time when I will be sad again and that if I know better today, I won’t be tempted to do it the same old way tomorrow.

So, if you have found yourself in one of those famously infamous lows, I would like to hold your hand while you read the following words, wipe away a few tears from your lovely face, and tell you that you don´t have to hold it all together anymore.

If it hurts too much, cry, because sometimes tears are cleansing and stars will shine for you only if you are not afraid to go out into the darkness. Now, I would like to share with you what walking through those dark moments has taught me so far.

#1: And so we rise and we fall sometimes harder than before. But there is always one thing I want you to know: you are never alone!

On days when you are hurting just too much to push yourself through it and when your whole being is in pain, it is OK to stay lying hopeless right where you are. When you are not able to find your way home, it is OK to be lost for a while.

Because one day, and this day will come for sure, you will stand up through the grace of God and it will be the light shining forth from your union that will light up the way before you.

You will be stronger because of the tenderness of your heart that was shattered into pieces.

And, eventually, you will realize that what once seemed to be broken, was only being broken open.

The so-called ”low” is a place from which you know you can’t continue alone.

In fact it was you trying hard on your own that got you there in the first place. And now, you are aware of the fact that this is not the first time you have found yourself in hell after following your good intentions.

The “lows” are here to remind us that we weren’t meant to live our lives alone and that we are not independent of the power that gave us life.

When you are holding onto an issue the force of love can’t restore the situation for you.

As long as you are determined to mange it on your own, your free will won’t be abolished.

However, in the moment you admit that you need help and you place the situation in the hands of love, everything can be rearranged and healed according to the divine plan.

There is no situation or relationship that can´t be placed in the hands of God. I have realized that I have been tired of life because I was trying to manage it on my own, while what I was supposed to do was to let the wisdom of my heart guide me along the way.

#2: Healing doesn’t come from the mind, because it is in your heart that you are going to find, what you have for so long denied

You have probably noticed that life will send your direction things and situations that simply can´t be “figured out” in any way.

I bet that you have had the experience when you wanted something to happen, but it didn’t and you have done everything in your power to change the situation, but the situation couldn’t be changed neither forced. And you were aware of that, because you have really tried everything. And by everything, I mean every possible and impossible thing under the Sun.

Finally, after you had hit the invisible wall for the millionth time, you have probably realized that there has to be another, better, way to live your life than hitting a wall wherever you turn.

Have you ever wondered why do things sometimes work out at the last minute?

I, personally, think that it is because we give up the effort, we let go of our attachment to the outcome and to the issue altogether. Once our mind loosened the grip, our heart, which is in alignment with the divinely synchronized universal forces, can bring to our awareness a perfect solution.

It is not the power of our mind that is going to free us from our limitations and fears. It is in the moment when we transcend the mind whatsoever and we open our heart to the truth of our being that the love can flow freely and that we become full of life once again.

The healing of your body, your relationships and your situation won’t be deserved nor achieved by your efforts, it can be only allowed. Healing is happening outside of your mind, in the center of your heart.

It is your inner light that sustains you. No amount of effort can provide you with what you already have – with what you already are.

You don’t need the healing, because you are the healer. You are not lacking anything, because you are that for which the whole universe was created.

Just close your eyes and know that what you are looking for, you already are. Stay anchored in your truth and don´t let your Self to be moved.

#3: You have made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean that your soul is at stake

The same mind that persuaded you to do the thing your heart didn’t want you to do, is the mind that will punish you savagely for the mistake. Your belief in fear, lack and limitation had led you to actions, which you regretted later.

However, it seems that in the moment of fear you can’t stop yourself from the exact kind of devastating behavior that you sooner or later regret, after you are again connected to your heart.

Only then you can see clearly that attacking your best friend was not what you would do in your connected state of mind, neither lying to your boss nor not answering your mum´s phone call.

Unfortunately, the damage was done and the only way to regain the inner peace is to take responsibility for the mistake. Make amends where necessary and don´t let your ego ruin your life.

If you don´t know how to restore the situation, ask for guidance.

Always remember that the grace of God will meet you wherever you are. Love is always ready to help you so don´t listen to fear telling you that you are not worthy of love and help after what you have done.

Listen to me, my darling friend, you are not the mistakes you have made while believing to be who you are not!

A moment of insanity is not going to overshadow a lifetime of light.

You are a miracle sustained by eternal love. There is nothing in this world that would not recognize the light in you when you are willing to shine it on the apparent mistake.

It is never too late to bring the shadows to the light shining from your heart and the grace can be seen while they are disappearing one by one, because darkness can´t coexist in your light.

If you need force to make an apology, ask for it. If you need mercy, pray for it.

If you are afraid you will cause damage again, call on the loving thoughts of God to realign your mind.

But don’t forget that the eternal love is always here supporting your slightest willingness to come back to who you have always been in the center of your heart.

No matter how many times you think you have failed, you are never less worthy or less loved, because of what you have done. Your worth has nothing to do with what you do, but it has all to do with who you are. You can’t add to your worth, neither can you diminish it, because it is the power of love, which created you, that makes you whole in every moment.

You are doing so much better than you would ever dare to think, my angel.

Eva Stechova created her blog AMIRACLEWORKBOOK to share inspiration, upliftment and meaningful content. She believes that by intentionally choosing to be who we truly are in our hearts – kind and loving beings – we can create the lives we have always wanted to live. She shares her content on Pinterest and Instagram as well.




Image courtesy of Alex Boyd.