Time is fluid.

It rolls, it slows down, it speeds up…it can seemingly stand still.

We experience the magic of time in many different ways.

It’s one thing every one of us on this planet has in common but it can be something we all perceive differently.

For us biz bosses, time is valuable. It’s your greatest asset.

Sometimes we have productive days where everything gets done and you’re left to bask in the afterglow of a complete to-do list.

But most days, it feels like there’s not enough time in the world to do all the things.

At times, we’re left wanting more time and in other instances, wanting less.

It’s critical to consciously create the time and space we need in our lives and our businesses so we can live happy and oh so healthy lives.

Following my dreams and running my own biz means endless to-do lists, daily meetings, calls and messages.

It means there is ALWAYS something to do.

I’m continuously taking action and making decisions not just for myself but for the amazing people I get to lead.

It’s exhilarating and I love it but I also need to manage it like a boss so it doesn’t manage me.

If you’re just starting out, time can feel ESPECIALLY crazy.

You have a million thoughts in your head, a million things to do…and you may be doing it with a toddler running around your knees or while juggling two part-time jobs.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

So I’m here to help.

Let’s get you consciously creating your own time and space so you can make the most of it, start seeing results and achieve that next level of success.

Focus, focus, focus.

I know sometimes that can be easier said than done.

Especially when my 9-year-old Madeline is running around giggling, my cellphone is going off and I’m rushing to Pilates in the morning.

But it CAN be done.

And the best way to focus is to make a to-do list. Every day.

Write down your list of things to in order of importance. Don’t overdo it either. Focus on three tasks that HAVE to get done that day.

Throughout the day, consult your list and check off things as you go.

Not only does this give you a sense of accomplishment, it fires you up to keep going.

Rinse and Repeat…every day.

Another trick is to block off time in your calendar for tasks.

Have you been trying to write the copy for your new website for the last six months and you just never seem to be able to get to it?

Then block off time every Monday for the next month, set aside two hours and during those two hours, turn off your phone and get to work. 🙂

Seriously though, running your own biz requires a great deal of self-motivation. And sometimes you gots-to-be THE boss and tell yourself to get the heck to work.

Eliminate those pesky distractions and tap into a flow state

Ping. Ping. Ping. Beep. Ring…

My husband Wes yelling at me that dinner was ready an hour ago….


I’m sure you feel me.

Sometimes, you just have to turn it all off. Your phone, your laptop, even your Roomba… I actually highly recommend it.

My phone is my lifeline because I basically use it while running every aspect of my biz, but it can be a MASSIVE distraction.

If you’re distracted while trying to complete a task, you’re not going to produce anything you’ll be proud of. @hayleyhobson (Click to Tweet!)

Hearing the pings and beeps and rings all day long can give you a one-way ticket to crazy town.

Got a blog to write? Turn your phone off…put it another room….whatever you have to do to eliminate the distraction.

If you have kids…it’s a lot more difficult to eliminate distractions, but it can be done.

Can you get a friend to watch them for a couple of hours a day? Can you make a work agreement with your partner? Can you get the most pressing stuff done while your little one is in school or daycare?

I know it’s hard. But you can do this.

Set aside time for your best friend: self care

Okay….consciously-creating-time-rule-numero-uno….you’re no good to yourself, your clients, your family or anyone else if you’re stressed.

Yes, you have to do your invoicing, yes you have healthy lunches to make for your kids, yes you have three meetings today that you’re not fully prepared for…. STOP.

Take a big deep breath and picture yourself as a tiny little speck on a massive planet floating around in space. 

For real!

And then I want you to untie the knot in your belly, slow down your heart rate using your breath and realize you are doing your best.

And nothing you do or don’t have time to get to will make the planet stop spinning.

Self care is so important because it will make your work ten times more productive.

If you’re practicing self-love on the daily, you shouldn’t get to the point where you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Take a bath. Read a book. Go for a hike in nature. Stare at a white wall.

Whatever you need to do to chill out and get centered…block off time for it in your calendar as you would any other task on your to-do list.

Your business, and your family and friends, will thank you for it.

Hayley Hobson is an author, speaker, Kick-A$$ Business Guru, 7 Figure MOM-treprenuer. and passionate about empowering others to live the life of their dreams and is based in Boulder, CO. Hayley creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to become the best WHOLE version of themselves possible. To learn more about her nutritional courses, events, and custom programs, visit hayleyhobson.com or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.