Even though life would seem easier if everything we set our mind and heart to was accomplished right away with no detours, no unexpected events, and with no unnecessary obstacles, it would also fail to serve its purpose.

I usually imagine life as a playground where we are given an opportunity to express what was stored within our being – within our heart – and what is invisible to human eyes unless it is expressed in form, words, actions, creations, and relationships.

This makes of us creators of our lives. We are born with certain abilities and we realize our strength by living the life that was perfectly carved out for us to become who we truly are.

However, sometimes we are being built from the inside out for such a long period of time that we can’t see what is going on in the bigger picture. I would like to pour some light into the periods when it seems that life has only one answer for you and that answer is a devastatingly loud “no”.

When life says “no”

I have been looking back at some of the most heartbreaking “no’s” that I have received from life. I saw that they were followed – with unfailing consistency – by the most miraculous blessings and revelations.

However, I was not able to see the blessings in disguise before the “no” came, nor right afterward. All we are left with in such situations is a “no” echoing in our mind, followed by a mental image of a black hole and terrifying darkness.

I believe that we are here to know ourselves and to express our power, creativity, and love so we can all benefit from these gifts.

There are moments when I can see clearly how the things I thought I wanted, but haven´t received, were only substitutes I used for filling the void inside of my being caused by not seeing my own worth, my own joy, and my connection to all-embracing love.

Even if it is hard to grasp due to our limited vision, know that every “no” from life is a “yes” to your power, a “yes” to your own truth, a “yes” to your own freedom. And oftentimes life will use the last thing you are left with, to push you closer to your Self.

Life allows you to wipe the slate clean so you can start again on a more solid foundation.

Love takes away everything unnecessary so you can see your beauty without false filters.

And one day when you learn how to treat your Self with respect, life will turn around and put at your feet all those things you thought you wanted, but which you no longer need, because only then are they in hands of someone who is able to love them like she loves herself – without a single condition.

So remember every “no” from life is a “yes” to the truth that needs to be awakened within you.

When you need to learn to say “no”

At breaking points when life says “no”, it can leave us feeling uncomfortable and uncertain.

Nevertheless, in the most vulnerable moments, we are left only with our own heart and our own mind and we are taught how to join them into one source of strength.

Nothing is more powerful than when our mind is one with our heart.

It is more than probable that when you haven’t received your heart’s desires, it is because your mind and your beliefs are not in alignment with what you know in your heart to be true.

In order to become who you are called to be, you have to learn to say “no” to everything that is not for you.

You don´t fight against it, you don’t judge it or condemn it, because you understand that everything in this world has its divine purpose and place here, however, when you know that something is not right for you, you smile and you say “thank you, but no.”

And you say it even though you are left with a big uncomfortable void for a while.

I promise you that when you learn to fill that void from the inside out, the things that were born in your heart have to manifest. They may not manifest in the exact form you hoped for, or they may, however, when you learn to close the void of your heart´s desire with feeling good before the manifestation occurs, with following your impulses and intuition until you are led directly to what you want and with loving yourself and being aware of your value, the things and relationships you hoped for have to show up as an extension of who you truly are.

Life will bring to you everything that resonates with how you see your Self, but sometimes you need to say “no” to everything else so you can create space for the new to arrive or for the old to be reborn.

Therefore, know that every time you are led to say “no”, you are also saying “yes” to your truth, you are saying “yes” to who you truly are.

Eva Stechova created her blog AMIRACLEWORKBOOK to share inspiration, upliftment and meaningful content. She believes that by intentionally choosing to be who we truly are in our hearts – kind and loving beings – we can create the lives we have always wanted to live. She shares her content on Pinterest and Instagram as well.




Image courtesy of David Hofmann.