Your Mind Creates Your Emotions

We’d like to think that we are always aware of our thoughts, our actions and our reactions. However, the The conscious mind is only ten percent and the subconscious is ninety percent of your mind. The unconscious is like “the library of stored events.” Everything that has happened to you is filed in your unconscious mind.

It would seem that while we are awake, we are always thinking with our conscious mind. In reality, your subconscious mind is usually calling the shots. All emotions are gathered in the subconscious. Every time you feel an emotion, whether it is fear, anger, jealousy, envy, or bitterness, it doesn’t begin in your conscious mind. It always starts in your unconscious mind.

When you cry, you are crying from a deep place. Something is not being fulfilled and whatever you’re facing has triggered that emotion. You are acknowledging, in your own presence, part of your system that you weren’t recognizing and accepting. Your highest potential comes when you see how emotions put issues in place.

You must release the emotion to take the issue “out of place,” and let it go.

When an emotion rises, it’s a moment of enlightenment. You are in your unconscious. Our journey is to make that which is unconscious, conscious. That’s what we call life, and we’re all on the same path.

Preparing for Emotion

That conscious part of your brain may think it wants to dig up information, but the subconscious obscures memories – and the feelings associated with them – thinking it is protecting you by keeping things away. You have to be ready. It takes work and courage. As painful as it might be to face hurt and resentment, it is a necessary part of the process in letting them go. Without that examination, they will continue to harm you, over and over again.

Your subconscious always has a positive intention for you. Your subconscious mind actually believes that it’s doing you a favor by taking the traumas and hurts you’ve experienced and burying them. The problem is that they are still there, out of reach but very present in the dynamic of your life. Chances are you’re not aware of how your reactions and feelings toward everyday occurrences are dictated by the 90% of your mind. Once you understand that concept, it’s important to know that’s the default for the subconscious. That’s human wiring. The subconscious has the positive intention of helping you, even if its methods do not serve you in the end. Your psyche feels overwhelmed by hurtful or traumatic events. It shuts down to protect you from having to feel them consciously. You have to step in and show your friend – your subconscious – how to assist you in a truly constructive and life-changing way. Be kind to your subconscious. It means well. Acknowledging this is a core principle of forgiveness, towards yourself and others.

Emotions Are Just The Messenger

Negative emotions are good and useful for you, if you understand them. They are just part of the mechanism that tells us we don’t like something and we should change it. Negative emotions are not something to be scared ofthey are messengers. Don’t shoot the messenger! Recognize that something is out of alignment. It could be that you are in a situation that goes against your values, or you have a person in your life that is counterproductive to your goals, or something has happened that reminds you of past trauma. There’s an easier reality if you acknowledge what’s behind the feeling. If you don’t greet it, it will persist and continue to harm you.

Negative emotions will never stop arising in you. It’s what you do with them that will make the difference. – Derek O’Neill (Click to Tweet!)



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Image courtesy of Andy Beales.