It is no secret and should not come as any type of surprise to anyone that human life is an extremely tedious and complicated experience to go through. Life is the greatest teacher and never stops teaching us new things and revealing new truths to us. However, even when one knows how to overcome tremendous obstacles and build a life of joy, this greatness comes at a price. As human beings, we often become overwhelmed by the unending supply of information in the form of experiences and incidents that is thrown our way.

Hence, it is important to try and make sure that we control our mind’s urges to go haywire and use all the lessons we constantly learn to our own benefit; we use them to make our upcoming paths smoother instead of even more hectic than before.

As we go through our life, we come across many new people every single day. Some of them become a regular and/or integral part of our life meanwhile; some just pass by never to return. As each of these people is from a completely unique walk of life, they all have very diversified stories and perceptions, which when cross paths with our stories and perceptions, form even newer ones, often confusing us regarding what is right and what is wrong. The thing is, there is no black or white area in life and we all tend to live in grey areas. This means, nothing we do, say or think can always be right or wrong, or in other words, seen as simply right or wrong by other people. Knowing this fact and always remembering it is the first step towards making sure that we don’t lose our mind while life consistently keeps bombarding us with new lessons.

Now you must be thinking that if there is no set of rules for what is right or wrong then how are we supposed to keep our thoughts intact and then make decisions based on them.

The way to do this is by following one simple rule; always listen to your gut feeling no matter what.

Your gut feeling is your inner voice, your intuition; it is the beneficial information your subconscious is always aware of even if your conscious mind refuses to accept it fully. The easiest way to comprehend this gut feeling is to act according to what you ‘feel’ is right.

All of the above-mentioned things are, much like anything in life, much easier said than done. However, there are ways to make it a relatively uncomplicated process. Once you have mastered remembering the fact that there is never a plain right or wrong in life and everything to be said and/or done depends on the individualistic situation that you are in, you are ready to move on to the next step of always listening to your inner voice. There are many tips and tricks to do so.

The first one being to never forget the very initial response you have to any situation. No matter what happens, good or bad; regardless of the intensity or impact of the situation, always pay heed to how you mind reacted as soon as it had registered what was happening. This initial reaction is the biggest sign and easiest way to know the right thing to do. If you are aware of this, then it will become much less tiresome for you to keep yourself calm and composed. For example you walk into the room for you first day at your new job. You are confused and scared to find out what it would be like to work here but you are also determined and excited at the same time. You don’t know which of the opposing feelings to believe in more or why you are feeling all of them at the same time. But as soon as you walk in, your new boss very warmly welcomes you and his greeting makes you feel important and wanted. You should in such a situation pay special attention to this very initial feeling and disregard the feeling of confusion and uncertainty regarding this new place of work.

The second way to keep your mental state intact during the ongoing chaos that is life is to keep in mind that whenever someone behaves a certain way towards you or around you that you find unsettling or incomprehensible, it is a reflection of who he or she are and how their mind is dealing with everything happening around it. Know that if you have not done anything wrong or inappropriate intentionally then if something is to go wrong in any way, the blame will not be on you regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. The world will not quit teaching us its truth. And it will always do so in new ways, often using the people around you as means to put its point across. Knowing that life is not trying to attack you but on the other hand, just trying to make you better at handling diversified situations is always important. So, when someone behaves in a way that you don’t appreciate, train yourself to not take it personally and just extract the lesson from the situation to keep with you for future reference.

The third way to deal with the punches life throws at you is to always be self-aware of the feeling of guilt. No matter what the occasion, if you do or are about to do something that makes you feel guilty for whatever reason, it means that the thing you did or will do is probably not the correct way to go. Guilt is a form of your inner voice that creeps up on you as a subtle warning when you are most likely in denial of the fact that you are about to take the wrong step. That is why it is always beneficial to pay attention to it and work towards changing your actions accordingly. If you do so, then it will be a great aid in getting through many tough times with avoided confusion and without losing your mind.

Moving onwards, another way to deal with the mayhem that is human life is to distance yourself from negativity as much as possible. It is impractical to think that you can just eradicate negativity from your life completely but to a certain extent, with some effort from your side, it is absolutely possible. If you are surrounded by positive thoughts and people, then any truth that life manifests in front of you, you will be able to conquer it and power through. Other than the occasional, unavoidable negativity present near you, try to always slowly cut off people and feelings that feed you with unnecessary negative ideas and thoughts.

One of the best ways to deal with absolutely anything that comes your way is to always practice self-love. This means to always put yourself first and to never let anything become so important to you that you start giving it so much priority that you forget to take care of yourself. When you will always be on the mission to care for yourself, you will automatically be able to figure out a way to deal with anything that comes in the way of your own mental and physical health. Hence, many problems will be avoided themselves without much hassle.

In conclusion, there are many ways that can aid you in keeping your thoughts intact and mind on the right track. However, life’s constant unexpected happenings will always try to knock you down and if you try your best to avoid that as much as possible, it will become very unlikely for you to lose your mind no matter what comes your way.

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