You’ve heard it said that happiness is a choice, not a guarantee. Choice is the key word there. I love choosing to be happy.

I truly believe that we all have the same shot at happiness. On any given day, we’re all presented with the same number of moments and opportunities. In each of those moments, especially the tough ones, we have a choice to make that will determine how we experience our day.

Happiness and joy don’t just happen, you have to CHOOSE to focus on those feelings. @intuitionheals (Click to Tweet!)

We can truly have anything that we want. The trick is to commit to what it is we want, and put our energy into that. What do you put energy into that might be sucking away at your happiness?

For me, when I wake up in the morning, I steer clear of my phone for at least the first half hour of my day. Why? I have noticed the tones of text messages, news, and social media impact my mood for the upcoming day. Instead of reaching right for my phone, I have learned to create a root or an anchor in myself and use the power of positive intentions to guide me for the rest of the day.

I do this by asking myself what it is that I want to experience that day. If I am focusing on joy, I say it out loud with conviction. “Today I am choosing to focus on creating joy in each moment regardless of what life throws my way.”

I like to think of joy as a battery that I can charge up. I ask myself, “Am I going to let the moments of life deplete that battery or am I going to commit to building up that battery so I can feel and experience what I want to in a day?”

I know it probably sounds easier said than done and some of you may think I am full of bahookie. Creating happiness is similar to building a muscle. It truly is. It doesn’t just happen, you have to work at it, consistently.

How do we build your happiness muscle? By focusing on actions that do just that!

Here are a couple of things that I do that insure my optimism and happiness is right on track.

  1. I do random acts of kindness everyday. There is something about helping people create more joy in their lives that seems to affect my own level of joy.
  2. I consciously smile. A LOT. I have noticed that by choosing to smile in a day, I actually feel happier. Sometimes when I am walking alone I even find myself smiling for no real reason.
  3. When I’m feeling stressed, I pause and take a moment to take a deep breath and re-set my intention for how I want to feel!
  4. Acknowledge positive things that I am doing in the day- instead of always thinking about what’s next or what’s stressing me out.
  5. Choosing to focus on three things I am grateful for every night.

Happiness truly is a choice, I cannot stress that enough. Life happens and with each moment we have an option. Are we going to allow this moment to steal our happiness? I vote NO to that question and a huge YES to happiness!

From the bottom of my heart to yours,


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies. Robin believes that our bodies innately know how to balance and heal themselves if given proper care and support. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, where she shares tips, tools, and techniques to honor our bodies and heal our lives!

Image courtesy of Mitch Walker.