“You are important enough to ask, and you are blessed enough to receive.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

There’s been a lot of work and research around the Law of Attraction and the power of our minds.

Looking back on my experiences, I believe this theory is real: we get what we envision, and a strong wish is an energy force that can metaphorically create miracles and move mountains.

The Universe doesn’t know grammar and negations:) That’s why it is essential to express our wishes using affirmations. Our words and thoughts are forms of energy, and whatever we focus on, we attract.


– Replace “I don’t want to be sick.” with “I am a healthy person.”

– Replace “I don’t want to be poor.” with “I am prosperous.”

– Replace “I don’t want to be unhappy.” with “I am happy and free.” etc.

Here’s what THE LAW OF ATTRACTION says: Ask, Believe and Receive!

1. Ask.

I think it’s impossible to get anything from life without having a clear vision and being able to express what we want clearly. If we don’t know what we want, how can we ever get it?

Here’s where the power of prayer comes from. It’s all about asking and having clarity on our desires.

2. Believe.

I came to understand that in life, we don’t get what we want; we get what we believe we deserve.

– If I don’t see myself as worthy of being loved, how could I ever attract romance into my life?

– If I don’t see myself worthy of being rich because of old limiting beliefs around money, like “being rich is bad,” “making money is hard” or “money doesn’t grow on trees?” – how could I ever attract financial abundance into my life?

3. Receive.

To get all the juicy things the Universe wants to provide, we need to be able to receive them.

That’s a big issue especially for us, women. By nature, we are givers and nurturers. Often cases, we put ourselves second or last, prioritizing other people’s needs and wants, to see them happy (this happens mostly with the people we deeply love and care for).

Many women are masters of giving, facing obstacles to receiving. Finding time or money for themselves often feels selfish. In other words, women who fall into this trap tend to forget they are also people.

If that is your case, I can empathize. I’ve been there as well, for quite many years: shut down for love and facing huge obstacles to financial abundance. I was holding old fears, worries and limiting beliefs that worked against me and manifested as emotional blockages in my being.

If you relate to any of this, I have good news for you: you can also rewrite your own story. For your life, you are the one in charge, and your future starts now. We are the sum-up of our choices, so make sure you make the right decisions for your highest good.

We live in an intelligent Universe that wants us to be happy. However, waiting in a survival mode for life to provide is not enough. They say a goal is a dream with a deadline. We need to do our work, as well, and start acting!

If you feel stuck and blocked from receiving self-love and self-care, romance or financial abundance into your life, please know there is a solution to everything.

And if you have a dream that looks “impossible,” “unrealistic,” “scary” or “too good to be true,” just give it a try. Don’t let your fears paralyze you. Trust yourself and allow the divine Source to support you.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah

Sara Fabian is a Women’s Empowerment & Career Coach and inspirational speaker, on a mission to help professional women to discover their unique strengths, gifts and talents, boost their confidence, find their calling and live a meaningful life of purpose. For weekly inspiration, subscribe to her free newsletter at www.sarafabiancoaching.com or follow her on Facebook.