I would love more time! I wish I had more time! Oh, if I only had more time. I feel like I don’t have enough time to do it all.

Most of us feel the pressure of not enough time a lot. 

Our society thrives on time pressure, although you and I do not. While there are lots of ways timelines and deadlines get imposed on us that we don’t have control over.

There are many ways that you are creating your own stress and lack of time – which you can change and control.

I call these time sucks. Time stealers. Because that is what they do – suck and steal away the time you need for what matters to you, or matters most to get done.

Obligation. Guilt. Worry. Over Efforting. That’s where we dive in!

My mission in this Feminine Power Time podcast: Time Sucks & Time Stealers: 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time SO You Have the Space for What Matters is to give you three very specific things to watch out for in the way you are making your choices that could be robbing time from you.

Time sucks make you feel like you don’t have enough time …

They make you fill up your time so you are busy doing too much…

Time sucks steal time from what matters to you.

My intention is that you’ll be able to identify these three time sucks and time stealers and then use the practices and wisdom inquiries I share to make different choices …


Consider the choices you make in how you spend your time and money during the holidays.
How you focus in your career/business.
How you make sure there is space for what really matters to you.


  • The Three Time Suckers – Obligation, Guilt, Worry (and over efforting)
  • How to tell when you are wasting time or letting your time get sucked away from you
  • Why guilt is an inappropriate emotion for almost all the ways in which you feel guilty – and what to do about it
  • How to stop acting from obligation and get clear on what you want to do and give
  • How to give the right amount of time, energy and effort to a project or person

And more..

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Christine Arylo, MBA, is a women’s leadership advisor, transformational teacher and best selling author who works with women to make shift happen – in the lives they lead, the work they do, and the impact they desire to make. Marrying 20 years of business experience with 15 years of feminine & yogic wisdom training, Arylo illuminates how to lead and live a different way, the “feminine way” – professionally successful, internally empowered, and personally sustainable and satisfying. A powerful mentor and teacher known for her ability to translate deep wisdom into practical super powers, her programs on intuition, feminine power, and cultivating resilience, self-love and courage have reached over 35,000 students worldwide. She’s committed to working with emerging and established women leaders to awaken their full power and presence to lead the world and those they love and lead to more a more sustainable, compassionate and equitable world for all. Arylo is known for her powerful and real presence that inspires personal and social transformation. And for her stand for sisterhood and what is possible when women come together, drop their masks, speak from their hearts and truly support each other. Christine currently lives on an island off the coast of Seattle, where she is working on her fourth book: “Overwhelmed and Over It: Why It’s Not Your Fault and How to Find the Power To Change It.” Learn more about Christine at www.ChristineArylo.com and learn more about her Feminine Power Time Podcast at www.FemininePowerPodcast.com.


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