“Sometimes a new beginning comes whether you are ready or not… so it’s best to trust the timing of your life. It’s best to trust that magic and miracles await.”

The other day I wrote the date down and felt a wave of shock take over.

How are we already in a new year—a new decade?

I want to take some time to take stock of the last year, as I always do, but also to take stock of the last ten.

So much life has been lived. Change has come in tidal waves. Peace, something I long prayed for at the start of this decade, has wrapped me in its warm, comforting embrace. And though it hasn’t all been smooth, life has gifted me blessings that I am thankful for each and every day.

There was finishing grad school and leaving one career to start another. I met and married my husband. We traveled the world. My business was created. My precious little one was born.

Ten years. Ten years filled with beautiful memories, lessons learned and gratitude for it all.

I feel excited for the year ahead. 2020 has a nice ring to it. I feel happy thinking about what new adventures may arise and what mysterious seeds are being planted now, to bloom at a later date.

Because so much of what has happened in these last ten years is beyond what I could have dreamed up.

Prior to this decade, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. I would have laughed at the idea.

Prior to this decade, I didn’t know what Reiki was so becoming a Reiki master, mindfulness and meditation teacher, and inspirational speaker would have surprised me. (Maybe not the speaker part; I think that’s always been in me.)

Prior to this decade, I was writing yes, but not in a public forum. If someone told me I’d write a memoir and almost publish it (still debating on that one), start a blog, and write for sites like this one, I would have been scared out of mind and totally flabbergasted.

And prior to this decade, I had dreams of being a mother, but wasn’t sure it would happen. Having my son is a daily gift of love that multiplies by the minute, expanding my heart in ways I didn’t know was possible.

And since I always have to look for the lesson…

I guess the lesson is this: As much as I dreamed, wished, prayed and manifested, what’s transpired is way better than what I envisioned.

I want that to be something I remember moving into this new era. I want to remember that leaving room for it to be better than anything I’m imagining, is so much more fun than clinging onto a vision that could be limiting me.

And in that spirit, I thought it would be fun for all of us to try this fun exercise! I plan on doing a lot of visualizing, meditating, and journaling in these next couple of weeks, so I thought to share one idea with all of you.

First, take a piece of paper and write down the blessings you’re grateful for. I think it’s important to be in a loving, grateful vibration for the next part so take your time with this!

Then, write down five to ten big dreams you have for yourself for the next decade. (If that feels like too much, just focus on 2020). Think big. Get detailed. Have loads of fun letting your imagination meet pen and paper! Free write or draw whatever comes to mind, not stopping to question it. Leave space between wishes.

Afterwards go back and read each wish. In your empty space write, “This or something better. Thank you.”

And then? Do with your list whatever you feel fit. Hang it on a vision board or fold it up to be tucked away, somewhere safe or sacred or both. Look at it as often or as little as you want.

The point is to get focused, but to also get free.

Free to let the Universe surprise you. Free to welcome in bigger and grander gifts and blessings. Free to really ask for what you want—this is so important!

Step into the new decade feeling fresh, inspired, happy, grateful and excited about what’s coming your way.

You have the power to make it whatever you want it to be.

So… what will it be?

A version of this post was originally published on universeletters.com.

Angie Sarhan Salvatore received her M.F.A in Creative Non-Fiction. She currently teaches college writing and designs inspirational jewelry. For more of her work, you can follow her blog, which focuses on infusing more mindfulness and positivity in your day-to-day life. For your daily dose of inspiration, find her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Image courtesy of Paige Cody.