Let’s talk about something that sounds a little boring but is arguably one of THE biggest ways to improve your productivity as a busy lady (or man!): the time you spend in your bedroom.

And I do not mean that kind of time. I mean time spent sleeping. Which is the main purpose of your bedroom, right? It’s supposed to be a restful, peaceful environment that gives you a place to recharge at night so you can start the next day feeling your best. 

Now if you clicked on this podcast episode based on the title, thinking you were gonna hear stuff like “get 8 hours of sleep” or “get a better mattress!” then this may not be the podcast for you. Maybe hop on Google and find an article with normal sleeping tips.

I’m not gonna give you normal. I’m gonna give you cool hacks with exceptional value. 

We’re not going to be talking about that stuff you hear every place else. 

I’ve got three unconventional ways you can hack your sleep, the holistic way, that will result in you having better performance.

Which means… you’ll be able to focus better on the key things no one RNA’s can focus on but YOU. And in the end you’ll be able to make more money. 

That’s why you’re here, right? To turn your passion into a profitable reality?

Great. Let’s get to it. 

Oh, And at the end I’ll give you a link to download the list. Sound good?

The first holistic sleep hack I’ve got for you is to get more magnesium in your body. 

I know you did not expect me to say that, haha. 

Let’s revisit some basic science… stick with me, okay? 

Magnesium regulates a ton of processes in the body, but we mostly know it for its ability to help with muscle tightness. Maybe growing up you remember being told to eat a banana if you felt soreness in your bod? Magnesium helps block calcium when your muscles are tense, so that’s why eating a banana is a good trick.

But magnesium does so much more. Its real power is in the fact that it helps maintain healthy levels of specific neurotransmitters that promote sleep. 

Which means making sure you’re getting enough magnesium in your diet is one of the best, most natural ways you can hack your sleep.

You can work on this by eating foods that contain magnesium, or you can add a supplement to your diet. I’d recommend the supplement so you know you’re getting the exact right amount your body needs. If you aren’t already on a supplement routine, now you’ve got a good reason to start. 

And that brings me to the second way you can holistically hack your sleep… setup a killer evening routine for yourself.

Bonus points if you make taking a magnesium supplement part of that evening routine. 

I don’t know if you’ve got a routine or not, but there is this perception that routines are for people who can’t manage their time.

That is flat out wrong. Routines are for people who WANT to be in control of their time, and design their lives the way that works for them.

That’s you, right?

I thought so. And if you’re not creating an evening routine that involves winding down your brain and body for the day … then you’re seriously hampering your own productivity.

And I don’t want that for you.

A basic evening routine should involve some form of calming yourself to prepare for sleep and absolutely needs to include this ONE thing at bare minimum: a transitioning activity that’s going to signal to your brain it’s sleep time. 

For some people it’s a warm cup of tea. For others it’s reading a book. The point is, pick something that you can repeatedly do each evening that will help you get ready for bed. 

If you need an idea then maybe your transition activity can be this third and final sleep hack: give yourself the gift of shutting off your brain.

As women, we’re a special kind of scrappy people aren’t we? We go go go all day, and find it incredibly difficult to shift out of beast mode when we aren’t working.

That quality is one of the reasons we’re good at what we do. But it’s also one of the reasons we’re kinda bad at getting rest.

I called this tip giving yourself a gift because it really is – when you let yourself turn off that part of your brain, your sleep quality is going to go through the roof. Which means …..when you’re awake, your productivity when will actually go up, too.

In order to do this, first, you need to understand that your business won’t fall apart while you’re asleep. I promise you this.

And the second thing you need to understand is everything you’re working on will still be there in the morning. The to do list never ends. Don’t worry. You’ll still have a million tasks to check off if you like checking off boxes. I do. 

That’s just the way it is, right? The work is never finished. So there’s really no point in never giving yourself down time. 

To take best advantage of this tip, build a habit of physically writing out three tasks you accomplished during the day and three tasks you must do the next day. I mean literally designate a journal or notebook for this purpose. Keep it by your bedside if you want. 

This is going to do a couple things: first, it’s going to make you feel good. You got some shiz done! Second, it’s going to let you relax, because you don’t have to hold the “what’s next?” tasks in your brain. They’re on paper now. Let them go and get some sleep.

Hayley Hobson is an author, speaker, Kick-A$$ Business Guru, 7 Figure MOM-treprenuer. and passionate about empowering others to live the life of their dreams and is based in Boulder, CO. Hayley creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to become the best WHOLE version of themselves possible. To learn more about her nutritional courses, events, and custom programs, visit hayleyhobson.com or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.