If there’s one thing that stops smart, driven people, it’s transitions. Ripe with uncertainty, transitions make us feel messy and small because we don’t have Answers, capital A. This stage of not knowing, but wanting clarity, makes even highly successful people feel confused, and often, ashamed.

But no one is exempt from transitions. Whether you’re fresh out of college wanting to score that interview, figuring out the next step in your business, or leveling up in your company, you’ll definitely encounter transitions if you want to fulfill your deepest potential.

Transitions aren’t easy, but I do know they’re a great opportunity to get more competent, and to tell the truth to get HUGE reward. I speak personally from having gone through many transitions in my career & personal life. It’s time to get used to transitions because they’re not going away.

Today’s video will help you shift from fearing transitions to enjoying the process of leveling-up. Here’s a summary of what you get in the video.

  1. Transitions are the BEST opportunity to face yourself & what you usually avoid. If you can learn how to manage uncertainty, tell the truth about where you are, and become more skilled & articulate, you’ve mastered A LOT of useful life skills. The transition itself changes who you are to be more ready for your next job, position, or opportunity – but only if you take it as an opportunity, not full of shame.
  2. Tell the truth. If you start by pretending you’ve got it all “figured out,” you set yourself up to pretend and fake the whole way through. This doesn’t allow for mistakes, genuine questions and confusion to arise, nor does it allow people to trust you.
  3. Get excited about where you want to go. Transitions are the perfect place to dream up & gather energy around your desires, AND to communicate that to others. People are attracted to enthusiasm & energy.

You CAN use your transition to powerfully, skillfully, and gracefully move you to the next best stage in your life. They’re not your defining moment, but transitions can be useful tools to help you get where you want to go.

If you are going through a transition, I feel you. If it feels uncomfortable, email me at ishita@ishitagupta.com and tell me how you’re dealing with your transition right now; you can shift your perception and feel powerful in the MIDDLE of it. If this helped you, share it with a loved one or friend going through transition; we could all use some help when life feels rocky.

xx Ishita

Ishita Gupta is an entrepreneur, speaker, and business breakthrough strategist. She publishes Fear.less Magazine and runs her consulting business helping people gain confidence, live without fear, and thrive as business owners. Since diving into personal development a decade ago, she’s spent the last five years helping people specifically build confidence and self-worth enough to pursue their dreams. Ishita speaks at conferences around the U.S. on entrepreneurship and leadership, including World Domination Summit,TEDx, Startup Princess, Next Generation Health, Business Growth Summit, Young Female Entrepreneurs, and more.. You can also follow Ishita on Twitter.

Image courtesy of Andrew Ly.