An Open Heart Is the Best Protection

Having an open heart is the best protection against being hurt. Vulnerability is something we try to avoid, but in reality, looking at each situation and person with an open heart strengthens you no matter if someone harms you or treats you unfairly. Closing down your heart and never finding it within yourself to learn to forgive doesn’t protect you from pain. On the contrary, you will ultimately have more suffering if you attach to the anger that arose from the hurt.

Your response to what happens in your life is what will define you. The thoughts in your mind are your reality; nothing can get in past that. You need to shift this, you need to understand that you’ve given the best you can at any particular moment and that you have the power to change the lens you see it through. An open heart allows hurt to pass through.

An open heart has compassion for those people who have caused you harm. An open heart is the start to understanding the truths that have brought you to this place and time. There are many truths in your life, revealed over time. If forgiveness is part of that journey, you can gain deeper insight into who you are, and how to let go of the painful emotions that keep you from where you are going.

Enjoy this beautiful meditation to help you release painful experience, heal and find greater peace.


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