Note: “Active letting go” is not to be mistaken for “passive letting go”, whereby life rips stuff out of your grip, or you paint yourself into a corner, or things get so heavy they stop you in your tracks and you have to ditch them just to carry on. Active letting go is a little more… proactive. It’s a practice. It’s awake. It’s somewhat delightful (except for the agony of it).


  1. There’s always more to let go of. It’s endless, and it’s beautiful because it’s endless. Just surrender to the endlessness of it.

  2. Typically, letting can be painful—in varying degrees, from wince to crippling. Fact.

  3. Hard leads to soft. A stressful goodbye; kissing them that way for the last time because you need to grow in another direction; resigning; cutting ties… On the other side of letting go, a Gentle Power is waiting for you. And she’s proud and encouraging.

  4. Small steps are okay, but eventually you have to leap into full letting go. 

  5. Acceptance is medicine. When you accept that pain is part of releasing, you speed up the healing process

  6. You’ll grow. Out of, say, 923 people I’ve talked to about letting go (of material and emotional things), 88% of them wished they’d done it sooner, and 97% of them have no regrets whatsoever. Only 3% are still confused.

I went through a period in my life that was a truly epic letting go, in a short amount of time. A business, a marriage, a home filled with things I chose with intention. A friendship that I couldn’t resuscitate. Bags of beautiful clothes, boxes of books. Ambitions. If I let go of anything/anyone else, I wasn’t going to have a sofa to sit on, and only two people would be left to come to my funeral. But I surrendered to the endlessness of it. And that resolution softened me. And then I moved into practices for forgiveness. That was the real growth.

Maybe it’s time to bless and release one or some relationships in your life. Romantic, familial, friendships. Maybe it ended long ago and you’ve been carrying resentment and pain. Perhaps you’re in the throes. You can do the work to bring yourself into balance and forgiveness––create a sacred container and… let it go. This is the deep work of liberation.

It would be my honour to guide you through this.

I have a RELATIONSHIP RELEASING Guided Reflection. You’ll receive visualization and reflection practices to create a sacred relationship container that can be blessed—all parties are honoured, and then offered up to be set free. This is for full letting go, by which we mean: forgiveness. That’s the complete clearance. It’s the only way to be free and more whole. Not always easy. Always, ALWAYS worth it.

For Higher Love,



Danielle LaPorte is an invited member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.” She is author of White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path—from one seeker to another. The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul—the book that has been translated into 8 languages, evolved into a yearly day planner system, a top 10 iTunes app, and an international workshop program with licensed facilitators in 15 countries. Named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes, millions of visitors go to every month for her daily #Truthbombs and what’s been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.” A speaker, a poet, a painter, and a former business strategist and Washington-DC think tank exec, Entrepreneur Magazine calls Danielle, “equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass…edgy, contrarian…loving and inspired.” Her charities of choice are Eve Ensler’s VDay: a global movement to end violence against women and girls, and charity: water, setting out to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her favourite philosopher, her son. You can find her @daniellelaporte and just about everywhere on social media.