Grace for Impact: Perspectives + practices for intense transformation is available now as an ebook (+ audio companion) and podcast series. This is my call in our global pause: to let go of old ways so that a beautiful ideal can emerge––from each self to our social systems.

Every chapter/episode of Grace is part spiritual support, part reflection prompts. This is the time to do the deep inner work. I’m volunteering to point you to the shadowlands. I brought a flashlight. 

An excerpt from Chapter 1 of Grace for Impact

. . . 

In anticipation of a new life—the one I’ve wanted for so long for all us, I am preparing to die.

…could be 50 years from now, could be tomorrow. 

I imagine my elder self, Danielle as a ninety-year-old crone. She’s radiant, calm. Her laughter holds pain, truth, euphoria; it holds everyone who hears it. She’s been pummelled and plied into trusting The Divine. She’s put so much distance between herself and her original afflictions and ambitions, that all that remains is Grace—an acceptance of what is. There’s no resignation.  She’s in total alignment with Higher Love. Her heart is still on fire—still a lover, her feet kiss the ground—closer to nature than ever. She is embracing and visionary. And the best part? She is incredibly forgiving. She is Grace.

I’ve been looking forward to becoming her. In light of these times, I’ve asked myself, “Why wait?” No more waiting.

This is the reset that I’ve craved—but delayed. 

This is the shedding I have feared—but desired. 

This is what I knew was coming, but could not have known about. 

…But here’s the thing, as I’ve alluded to… Grace is a death eater. There’s nothing ephemeral about attaining Grace. It’s not bestowed on you. There’s no 21-day program. 

You are initiated into Grace.

Grace is the reward of a rite of passage whereby you stand firmly on top of agony while outstretching your arms to Higher Love. Grace holds the tension between sorrow and joy, chaos and order. And she will inform you of what needs to die so that greater life can be lived. 

Listen to Chapter 1:









May this passage gracefully lead us to one love.

With Love,



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