Last week we managed to escape to Acadia National Park after a five hour drive in the car. When we arrived at our rental house, we were immediately struck with the salty ocean smell. The kids were bursting to explore our little rocky beach so we quickly unloaded our bags and walked two flights down the wooden steps to the shore.

The rocky landscape that met us at the bottom of the steps gets covered and uncovered twice daily with the changing six foot tide. It was the perfect spot for my five year old and I do indulge in our beach obsession.

We’re completely obsessed with finding sea glass. So much so, that we have to remind ourselves to look up and enjoy the view every few minutes. If you’ve never done this, it’s basically a hunt for tiny pieces of glass in the sand and rocks. The glass is formed when the sea salt chemically weathers it over time giving it almost a frosted appearance.

We love the thrill of finding frosted pieces of all sizes. Bonus points for lavender or blue because those are rare and seem extra special when you find them. Brown, green and clear are the most common colors.

This conversation with my son reminded me about how we’re all like pieces of sea glass.

“Mom, why do you like to hunt for sea glass?”

“Because I love finding tiny treasures that have changed over time into something beautiful and they remind me of places we’ve been together. It’s kinda like you, buddy. A tiny treasure that gets better and better with time.”

Just like sea glass, our shape continues to change to accommodate the changes in our various “tides”. Puberty, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and menopause are all times that we notice bodily changes. These changes not only help protect us, they even act as a life preserver (looking at you, extra love around the middle during menopause). Our body parts can become rounder, smoother, longer, shorter  or more “weathered” over time and that’s part of our beauty.



We’re just like those tiny treasures in the sand waiting to be found, held and admired no matter our shape or size.

If you get to the beach this summer, I want you to find a special piece of glass and put it on your dresser to remind yourself that you’re getting better and more beautiful with time.

You’re a treasure.

Andrea Dow is a certified life coach, certified yoga instructor, a certified pilates instructor, and was a teacher-trainer with Power Pilates. She specializes in helping moms end food restriction and the diet/binge cycle with a Health at Every Size (HAES), and Intuitive Eating approach, so that her clients can finally find peace with their bodies and stop obsessing about their food. She is passionate about getting clients to participate in joyful movement and strives to enhance her client’s emotional and social wellbeing.


Image courtesy of Jude Beck.