The Spiritual Perspective Of Current World Events

Wellness Expert Derek O’Neill Explains The Impact of Chaos

In an increasingly chaotic environment, it can be difficult to remain balanced and positive in our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Fear, anger, resentment, grief are all normal happenings of life, but when we hold onto that negative energy it can create stress and dis-ease in our life.

With all the chaos happening in the world around us, I believe that it’s time to apply even more diligence to the environment we expose ourselves to. We need to be a gate-keeper to what comes in and out of our system. The power that political organizations, governments, and people have over us is frightening but each of us, if we choose to, can take our power back. We don’t always have to rely on somebody else. The greatest teachers lie within and each of us can tap into our inner guru.

In our society, we put so much value on the body and our intellect. Well, this is what I learned for what it’s worth. What I learned is that spirit is running the show, energy is running the show. Even the scientists will back this up. It’s all about energy. What is energy? Energy is spirit. The universal source intelligence that we can all tap into for free just by breathing.

Lessons Of World Chaos

Humanity is always being tested with ‘gifts’ such as technology, information, medical advances, nuclear energy, and even viruses like Covid-19 etc. The test is to see if we can incorporate these energies or gifts in a loving and harmonious way. For example, humanity was given nuclear energy, did it turn it into nuclear medicine or nuclear war? What we chose to do with the  ‘gifts’ we are given is going to have an effect on our bodies (spirit – mind – body). Once the gift is given, it is our mind that determines what we do with it.

The mind is the library of all our past experiences, our thoughts and beliefs and they are always attached to an experience. Your body will show the result of how you interpret any gift you receive. Pain tells us that something is out of alignment with love. Yet it is only a messenger, that has come to enlighten you, not to hurt you. So the pain that the world is feeling right now is to show us that we are collectively out of alignment with love and we need to change.

Keep yourself isolated with love. Cover your body with the energy of love. It is not about blaming, shaming or beating yourself up. It is simply about identifying areas of our own life where we can create a more positive reaction, a conscious and loving perspective to the events and experiences happening in and around our lives.

Chaos Comes Before Clarity Video

For more insights on current world events and how to tap into your inner guru, watch this short video.



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