There are big misunderstandings in our culture about visioning, goal setting & achieving that stem from a “go, go, go, work hard, stay busy” mindset that many of us have been trained to operate from….

Which honestly set us up for more pressure, overwhelm and self-criticism vs. true, sustainable success.

Even in teachings you hear about manifestation, the law of attraction and vision board – there’s significant distortions that can lead you to creating realities, careers, businesses, lifestyles that are unsustainable…

Keeping you working hard & so busy, but not feeling sustained or successful.

There is a different way to dream + succeed. To start your year. To set your new year goals.

That’s what we’ll explore & share together in the next three episodes, focused on supporting you to see the unsupportive ways you’ve been taught to approach goal setting and the start of the year…

And reveal some other ways to think about and approach this year, so you really do FEEL successful and sustained at the end of the year.

In this first of the three part Feminine Power Time series – #144: A Different Way to Start Your Year & Set Your Goals we’ll dive into:

  • Why Jan 1st is really truly the natural start of the new year – and how shifting your relationship to this can create both healthy time pressure AND spaciousness.
  • Why setting resolutions and new year goals are set ups for stress, pressure and not feeling like you are ever doing enough or where you want to be.
  • Elevating your language and metaphors around how to achieve.
  • The power of “Co-Creation” – which feels empowering — vs  the law of attraction and basic manifestation which often creates self criticism, self induced pressure, and fantasy based or external based goals.
  • Esoteric teachings that were used thousands of years ago to create and work in ways that created more ease than hard struggle.
  • Feminine Wisdom Principle for Visioning and Intention Setting #3 and #5 – you will love these!

I love sharing this deep and practical wisdom every year at this time as a different way to vision, succeed and reach out goals.

Tune in here and here.

See you there.


Christine Arylo, MBA, is a women’s leadership advisor, transformational teacher and best selling author who works with women to make shift happen – in the lives they lead, the work they do, and the impact they desire to make. Marrying 20 years of business experience with 15 years of feminine & yogic wisdom training, Arylo illuminates how to lead and live a different way, the “feminine way” – professionally successful, internally empowered, and personally sustainable and satisfying. A powerful mentor and teacher known for her ability to translate deep wisdom into practical super powers, her programs on intuition, feminine power, and cultivating resilience, self-love and courage have reached over 35,000 students worldwide. She’s committed to working with emerging and established women leaders to awaken their full power and presence to lead the world and those they love and lead to more a more sustainable, compassionate and equitable world for all. Arylo is known for her powerful and real presence that inspires personal and social transformation. And for her stand for sisterhood and what is possible when women come together, drop their masks, speak from their hearts and truly support each other. Christine currently lives on an island off the coast of Seattle, where she is working on her fourth book: “Overwhelmed and Over It: Why It’s Not Your Fault and How to Find the Power To Change It.” Learn more about Christine at and learn more about her Feminine Power Time Podcast at


Image courtesy of Jonathan Borba.