Is he/she the one?

A wise man was quoted saying,

Three things are too marvelous for me, and four things I can never understand: the way of an eagle in the sky; the way of a serpent on a rock; the way of a ship in the heart of the sea; and the way of a man with a maiden!” – Agur Bene Yaqeh.

True love is forever!

People confuse the tingly feelings and butterfly effect at the beginning soulmate relationship stages with true love. Others assume they have found the ‘one’ from a few interactions on the best hookup sites 2021, going to the extent of offering their bodies. More often than not, this kind of intimacy usually ends up in big-time disappointments.

But you’re not here to be disappointed, are you?

Find Your Soulmate and True Love

First things first, love is NOT a feeling! That was random.

The number one reason people ‘fall out of love’ is because they believe they were in love in the first place. They excuse the feelings they had for genuine love, and this is a grave mistake. Don’t get it wrong, love produces warm feelings eventually, but the feelings themselves aren’t love.

It’s best to start by defining what something isn’t first before elaborating on what it is. This helps the reader’s mind demystify whatever subjective feelings and thoughts they had concerning the issue.

So, if love is not a feeling, what is it then?

To put it so plainly, love is a choice! It’s a rational decision you make to love someone.


Your soulmate will always reach out even at your lowest.

Love Is Unconditional

The philosophers erred in categorizing love into its different forms – Philia,Storge, Eros, and the love for the Maker. The mistake is, these different categories describe the feelings birthed by love and not love itself.

Love is love and cuts across the board.

The most challenging trait for many people, which makes it hard to find the perfect soulmate is the unconditional love aspect. Most people seek chemistry, but when it’s gone, they have to work their way through mixed feelings and mid-life crises.

Just remember, “Love is not a feeling, it’s a rational choice we make!”

Signs of Soulmate Connection

In a way, this selfless view of love annuls the existence of soulmate connection feelings. Nonetheless, there is that one person out there who will compliment you perfectly if you wait long enough.

Long enough differs from one person to another. In that light, let us make the second shocking statement, “You will find your soulmate when you are not looking for one!”

That шs one of the early soulmate signs you should be on the lookout for. He won’t be perfect when he comes along, but you will both be perfect for each other.

If you’re currently obsessed with finding Mr. Right, it means there are unresolved personal matters you need to deal with before you can progress into a long-term relationship. If a guy comes along when you’re in a healthy state of mind, body, and spirit, then you should start assessing signs he’s your soulmate.

Time to Meet Your Soulmate for the First Time

First dates usually have a ton of anxiety and unease for both parties. You want the best look and the perfect dress. You want to say the right things and impress them all along. You want to laugh right, smile majestically, walk like a king on a horse, and appear at your best…


It’s easy – just be yourself. You don’t want to create a fake impression since your character will eventually come out. Don’t go overboard in trying to impress your mate since they may not be the one. What’s more, if they cannot accept your simplicity and weaknesses in the early stages, you two will probably have significant contentions later on. For instance, they may try to be looking for qualities they experienced in their former relationship. This is a direct recipe for disaster.

Qualities of the Perfect Soulmate

It’s simply not enough to say that true love is an unconditional choice you make. What makes it ‘unconditional,’ to start with?

Love Takes Time

Since it’s a rational decision you make that other rational beings may not understand, it takes time to build into that image and pattern you both desire and to accept each other the way you are. It requires time and experience to get to know a person inside out. Are you patient enough to endure and still be serene?

Love Is Kind and Thoughtful

Both of you have different personalities. You may even find yourselves speaking different love languages. One of the early soulmate signs is that your partner will be kind enough and thoughtful to place your needs above theirs, avoid doing things that will get on your nerves, and make amends in their behavior for you. The principle of reciprocity applies here.

Love Equals Trust Minus Jealousy

You will know he truly loves you if he always wants the best for you. They will not envy your successes and happiness even if they are going through some difficult times. They will trust you enough to give you the space you need and won’t be spooky in your business (unless there is something you are hiding.) They will trust you with their finances, resources, and fragile heart, but you have to be mature enough to handle this responsibility.

Love Isn’t Arrogant and Prideful

If you notice signs of self-importance in the early stages of the relationship in the way your partner treats people, know without a shadow of a doubt that this will bounce back to you. True love is defined by the way he treats you and others. Remember, love is love! What makes you think they will never treat you like trash if that’s what they do with other people?

Love Isn’t Provoked Easily and Takes No Record of Wrongs

Going back to our first point, love takes time to build. That said, every other little thing won’t provoke it unless you go out of your way to hurt them. Love overlooks a multitude of wrongs committed and erases those injustices from the head. Love will endure everything to achieve soulmate goals.

Your heart beats for each other

Love defies our natural human instincts and personality – you treat your soulmate the way no one would ever treat you. It doesn’t mean you are blind to everything, but you are willing to take the blows for what you believe.

With that said, are you ready to be someone’s soulmate? Are you able to identify your soulmate?

Aria Green is a family photographer, relationship psychology writer. A wife and a mother of two adorable kids who won’t get bored even for a minute. As for a writing passion, she loves personality psychology, helping people with advice on the relationship between a man and a woman.





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