I posted a video about the Life Reentry class on facebook the other day and a woman commented under it, why don’t you put some makeup on Christina?

At first, I responded casually.

I did have some makeup on, but it’s been a long day of zoom calls and work.

And then I started thinking about it.

Hmmm. Did I not look good? 

Am I getting old?

Maybe I should put on heavier makeup next time so it stays on longer. 

I should be more professional.

What was I thinking? 

The inner narration paused for a while.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw all of my new wrinkles.

Neck lines and all. The inner narration picked up right where it left off.

Well, you are approaching 50 what did you think was going to happen? 

You weren’t going to look good forever. 

The days of your good looks are gone. 

And just like that.

A random stranger had all this power.

I know you too have probably experienced similar comments about the choices you make with your physical body.

Aging is such a big loss for women.

The world is harsh towards wrinkles, naked faces, imperfect skins.

Why don’t men have to wear makeup?

What about some eye shadow?

High heels anyone?

To the woman who was curious about my no makeup face I know you only asked because someone else asked you the same question.

Probably early on in your life, and you may not even remember it. I get it.

I have lived in that same world you have

And now together we will walk out of it. 

Not because there is anything wrong with wearing makeup, but not wearing it should not take away from our value. The intelligence that lives behind the eyeshadow.

The humor that lurks under the lipstick.

The modern woman has many faces.

And all of them belong to her.

If you are a man reading this letter I know you already loved a woman just the way she chose to be.

If you are a woman reading this letter don’t let anyone dictate your looks.

And if you are non binary thank you for paving the way towards a non judgmental world.

Where self expression is exactly what it sounds like.

With eye shadows,


P.S. We are about to close the doors to the Life Reentry Registration class. May you find your way there if it feels right for where you are in your life. REENTER HERE: https://lifereentry.com/life-reentry-class/.

Christina Rasmussen is the creator and founder of The Life Reentry Institute, Second Firsts, and Star Letters, and the host of the Dear Life Podcast. Christina is on a crusade to help millions of people rebuild, reclaim, and relaunch their lives using the power of their own minds. Christina’s work has been featured on ABC News, NPR, The White House Blog, and MariaShriver.com. She is the bestselling author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again, which has also been translated in Chinese and German and just released her second book Where Did You Go on expanding the mind in ways that allows co-creation with the forces of the universe. She is also writing her first work of fiction: a science fiction story about a woman on a quest to start over and begin a new life. You can find more information on her website and follow her on FB or Twitter.