A few months ago, overloaded with work and overwhelmed with personal matters, I felt like I desperately needed a change and a creative project that would revitalize me and give me the strength to carry on and push through all the challenges I was dealing with.

As I was spending an immense amount of time at home, working remotely, one day it just clicked: the intensity of my work and life pace require a quiet space to escape and recharge.

But most importantly, since my living room is also my dining room and my office, I realized I had to find a place within my small apartment that would be separate from work and everyday stresses. A place that would be my personal sanctuary and an oasis of serenity.

And then I realized I never take my work to my bedroom, and I usually use this space to relax, so the thought of transforming it into a healing sanctuary came naturally to me.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, and my journey to having my private healing sanctuary began!

1. Start With Getting Rid of the Clutter

I had tons of hand creams, books, piles of clothes I was thinking of donating, and even a couple of old computers! So, the first thing on my list was to declutter. I would advise you to be realistic and practical.

Don’t hold onto things just because you thought that picture would fit perfectly, but it doesn’t. Donate it, or even better: sell it and make some money for the things you actually need!

My bedroom felt immediately better after this little intervention! And if you need more convincing: decluttering your bedroom (and other rooms) can make you healthier and happier!

2. Stick to Soothing Earthy Tones

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The hues on our walls can dictate our moods. When repainting or choosing furniture for your bedroom, stick to soothing tones like greys, soft and sandy whites, greens, and blues. They have the power to create a calmer atmosphere and add to that meditative-like space that promotes wellbeing.

For my bedroom, I chose a neutral palette, with sandy colors dominating and just a hint of restful greens, as I’ve noticed they can calm my stressed mind. To create a tranquil oasis that would soothe me when things get difficult, I decided to avoid bold colors like red as they tend to evoke strong emotions.

A pro tip: if you need help to quiet your mind and become centered, 3-minute meditation in your charming healing sanctuary can do wonders!

3. Opt for Natural Materials

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My goal was to create a safe and peaceful space to help me recharge after daily grinds, so I decided to embrace the biophilic design that improves the quality of our lives by utilizing our inherent connection to nature. Therefore, I prioritized wood, bamboo, silk, and wool in my little retreat.

The most obvious way to bring nature into my home was through a proper bed selection. When choosing a bed for your bedroom, opting for wood is a great way to craft a calming and serene atmosphere with a natural charm.

Bamboo is another great option. It is both decorative and nurtures our deep connection with nature.

4. Purchase Beautiful Bedding

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Updating my bedding and getting a couple of beautifully designed ones made a huge difference and brought a more serene feel to the room. Stick to natural materials like cotton and linen. They are breathable and feel nicer against the skin in comparison to polyester blends.

And I adopted a habit of making my bed every single day and it has positively affected my state of mind!

5. Consider the Lighting

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Its majesty lighting has a profound effect on our mood, and it can completely transform the look and feel of your space. As I’ve always been in love with aesthetically pleasing lamps and the magic the light can add to a room, this was the perfect opportunity to ornament my personal oasis with lighting fixtures.

I wanted them to illuminate the subtle beauty of my bedroom gently and softly. When the sun sets, I dim the light so I can begin to prepare for the rest and enjoy the sense of calm in my private Zen retreat.

6. Add some greenery

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Staying in nature has a healing effect on humans. It’s like the antidote to stress. So, I thought to myself: why not bring the outdoors in? Indoor plants are decorative and add life to your space, but they can improve air quality too!

I am very passionate about my living room urban garden, so I got a few pots for my bedroom as well. Areca Palm, English Ivy, and Snake Plants are some of the best air-purifying plants out there.

And in addition to sprucing up your bedroom, the greenery can boost your creativity and reduce your stress levels. Amazing, right?

7. Aromatherapy

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Scent has the power to evoke certain feelings and to reduce stress and anxiety. When looking to create a little sanctuary in your home, scented candles are a must! Scents like lavender, geranium, and jasmine are known to promote relaxation and sleep. My bedtime routine these days starts with my favorite geranium candle and a book.

The design and feel of your bedroom affect the quality of your sleep, so a serene sleep environment will help you get a good night’s sleep, something we all desperately need!

In the end, your bedroom should be a place of healing, comfort, and rest. We all need that quiet and safe place, especially when the world outside doesn’t feel like that.

I managed to transform my bedroom into a nature-inspired, beautifully scented, minimalistic healing oasis just like the ones you see in the inspirational Instagram posts. And it’s been helping me rest, relax, achieve balance and return to the outer world energized and motivated ever since.

Stella Green Thompson is an illustrator, a lifestyle blogger, a lover of basics, and a food enthusiast. She loves giving tips about healthy lifestyles and self-development. She is a contributor to several health and lifestyle blogs. You can find more about her writing by following her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StellaGreenTho1.




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