Hello Spiritual Warrior, today we’ll explore loving what is. Can you awaken acceptance and have more love for what is?

We’re always our harshest critic. We know that we have made choices and decisions throughout our life that we may regret or torture ourselves about. But they are carved in stone, and we must accept them, forgive ourselves, and make better choices in the future.

A lot of self acceptance and loving what is really comes down to awareness. The more aware we are – of ourselves, of our words, of our actions, of their impact, of other’s emotions, of our surroundings – the more conscious we are.

When we are more conscious, we are more aligned with the universe… allowing us to be more loving more easily, experience deeper meaning in the moment, and live lives of greater balance and happiness.

In the ancient Vedic traditions, everything in our physical world is made up of a balance of three forces known in Sanskrit as gunas.

The gunas are tendencies…potential in a given moment. The three gunas are sattva, rajas, & tamas. Just like the doshas in Ayurveda, each of the three gunas is ever present simultaneously in every particle of creation, but variations in their amounts and the balance they manifest in a given moment influence our surroundings, our mind, our body, and our soul.

So what are the gunas?

  • Sattva can be translated to mean clarity, purity, balance, harmony, order, and lucidity. It’s light and luminous – awakening and developing our soul.
    • Rajas can be translated to mean change, movement, passion, turbulence, and dynamism. It’s the tendency toward attraction, repulsion, fear, and desire. It’s the principle of energy.
    • Tamas can be translated to mean darkness, heaviness, constriction, negativity, and dullness. It’s the force that leads us to attachment, stagnation, and inertia – even destruction or devolution.

Everything within us and outside of us can be defined as either sattvic – filled with lightness; rajasic – filled with energy; or tamasic – containing heaviness. In each moment, our surroundings, our emotions, the foods we ingest, our feelings, and every internal & external interaction is expressing a guna.

Use the three gunas as a tool of awareness & balance to help you awaken your most genuine self; a tool of balance to ease your physiology and your emotional state back to center; and a tool of growth to help you die to the past and evolve to your best expression.

Real compassion starts with self-compassion, which leads to self-acceptance. And all love begins with self love. Keep loving what is.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess



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