Stress is the worst, am I right?

You feel it creeping up on you throughout the day, adding tension in your body, and souring  your mood. You were certain that when you woke up- you’d be a happier person for the day. By noon, though, if you’re lucky, you feel that icky, spiky monster taking over your world.

The trick to dealing with stress isn’t to manage it, or control it. Rather, the best way to handle  stress is to truly acknowledge that it’s there, and then let it flow through you and back out into the universe.

Imagine your stress as wind that’s just passing over you, and then moving beyond.

When we allow stress to stay in our bodies, and we lock it up tight, because we think that  pushing it down is easier than acknowledging it- that’s when illness begins. Stress not dealt  with becomes stagnant, and it begins to affect more than just your mood. Stress can upset  your sleep habits, your moods, your digestion, and a whole host of other things.

Too much stress, especially the stuff held onto from decades ago, and from past trauma, could  be eating you alive inside, and you won’t even notice until you start to face it, and let it go.

Yes, imagine it like that song. Let. It. Go.

Want a simple trick for how to start that process?

It’s incredibly easy. Like, super easy and all it takes is a moment of focus.

Letting go always starts with taking deep breaths. Breaths that you feel from your head to your  toes. It helps because it forces you to focus on a moment, and focus on yourself. When you  breathe in deep through your nose, and turn your attention inward, you’re very aware of how  you’re feeling. You can literally sense the emotions that are probably in control instead of you.

Deep breaths also force you to fill your lungs with fresh air, and that moment of centering  yourself helps you realize how much tension you are carrying. Once you recognize that tension,  you can work to remove it. Take those deep breaths, and roll your neck. Drop your shoulders.  Wiggle your fingers and toes.

Let that stress go.

It’s not serving you. It’s not helping you. It’s just mucking up your day, like mud splattered on a  windshield. Each day is a precious gift, as tacky as that sounds, and it’s just not worth wasting  the beauty that each day can be by living with stress goggles on.

When I feel stress taking over, I forcibly hit pause (as long as it’s safe wherever I am). I close my  eyes, and prepare to take as many deep, conscious breaths as I need until I feel myself back in  full control of my body and my mood. Deep breaths- inhale through the nose until you feel your  lungs full of air, and then slow exhales out the mouth. Start by taking a few deep breaths until you feel yourself centering in that moment, and then begin to remind yourself that you are  relaxed, supported, and that whatever you are feeling is temporary.

Remind yourself that you are in control of how you feel, and that each day is meant to be a  beautiful journey. We are not meant to be stressed all the time, and it’s not fair to your own life,  and your goals to be constantly stressed.

Every time we remember to consciously breathe, our body heals and we reclaim the beautiful moment of life that is before us. It’s not possible to live entirely without stress, but it is possible  to learn to allow it to move through you instead of ruling you.

So remember, as many times a day as you need, take those deep breaths. Loosen your body, and remind yourself that you are supported, and that you can relax. You don’t have to let stress  run your life like a bad driver.

Try it now. Close your eyes, and take five big deep breaths. In and out. In and out. In and out, until you feel loose and free.

You’ve got this!

In Gratitude,


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies. Robin believes that our bodies innately know how to balance and heal themselves if given proper care and support. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, where she shares tips, tools, and techniques to honor our bodies and heal our lives!

Image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska.