It’s more about soul care than self-care.

Have you ever done this?

We try to use the tools, people, and habits from our old lives to move us into our new lives, new spaces, and new timelines.

Ehem, you can’t bring it all with you.

Maybe your taste in music has changed.

Your clothes feel blah.

You maybe feel disconnected from your old crew.

You’re on a new planet.

What in holy hell happened?

You graduated from a major season in your life. It may have been a rough one, so who are you now, what do you and how do you care for yourself now that you’re a metaphorical naked infant?

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What’s possible now that you’re over the other side of this 10-year mountain?

There’s a moment when you hand in your old success tools, you leave your old neighborhood and you’re finally in the NEW!

And it feels…strange?

You may find yourself out of habit still digging into old problems that just aren’t there anymore. Out of being so used to needing to fight, you read and study the art of self-defense. When there isn’t any more war.

In this new world, you no longer need to pick the scabs that have already healed into cool-looking scars.

This takes time to trust, integrate and learn.

Habits want to go back to what used to feel comfortable. But now, old comfort feels like the past. It’s uncomfortable now. And it can feel confusing because you’re not even sure what to do anymore.

Your entire vision and spiritual eyesight, even how the trees sway in the wind or the taste of old treats you loved… are different.

It’s right about now that you realize you’re trying to solve problems that have already been resolved.

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Lean into what’s possible when the struggle is over and the life storm ends.

Allow yourself the vulnerability to have what you want.

Permit yourself to be a newbie in a new place in your own life.

As always, you rock. I believe in you. You can be your true self and create the life that whispers inside of you. And again, thank YOU for being here.


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Lalita Ballesteros is a speaker, comedian, director, and the founder of Haus of Lala, a creative agency specializing in personal branding. She stands by the belief that your voice matters and that authentic self-expression is our most important work. In the past, Lalita’s disrupted the publishing industry with Seth Godin and The Domino Project (powered by Amazon) creating six best-sellers and raising over a quarter million in revenue in only four months. She also worked at the American Embassy in Rome, created a 6-figure Airbnb business, and oversaw ambassador efforts at Lyft. She speaks three languages and is a regular contributor for Positively Positive, a publication with over 2.5 million followers on Facebook. Lalita’s been seen on the stages of TEDx and Comedy Bary as well as in the pages of Fast Company, Etsy, Forbes, Yahoo Small Business, Mashable, and the best-selling book End Malaria. She currently lives in Toronto with her dog, Luna. Follow her writings and comedy here and #100daysofcomedy here.

Image Courtesy of Olivier Rule.