Starting a business isn’t for everyone because not everyone is cut out for business – it’s that simple. However, a lot of new entrepreneurs struggle in business not because they are bad at business, but because they have subconsciously bought into wrong beliefs about success that are preventing them from running a successful operation.

The good news is you can make a conscious decision to break those beliefs and do better in your endeavors. Here are some of the common myths to success. Have you fallen for any of these?

It Takes Money To Make Money

This age-old adage has stopped many aspiring entrepreneurs from taking that plunge and launching their own business as well as stumped lots of business owners from going to the next level.

The myth ‘it takes money to make money’ may have been true a few decades ago but with the growth of online business, it is no longer true. Don’t let the belief that you need to have a lot of money to succeed in a business tie you down. If you change your focus from needing to have a lot of money to looking for ways to work with a shoestring budget, you will be surprised to see that little can do so much.

One way you can increase business growth instantly is by breaking this limiting belief. Data researched by Scanteam shows that you can always tap into crowdfunding if you are in desperate need of funds. First, start with what you have and when you reach the end of the road, you can then look for crowdfunding.

External Factors Do Not Always Determine Success

There are a lot of flashy entrepreneurs who use social media to flaunt their wealth, assets, and lavish lifestyle. Millions of individuals aspire to have a similar lifestyle as these people and that’s one of the reasons why they decide to get into business. They want the money, luxury, and opulence that an entrepreneurial lifestyle offers.

Many business owners are making a profit but because they are not making enough money to buy a Ferrari or take a luxury vacation on a million-dollar yacht, they remain discontented and unhappy. Remember success does not always have to add up to luxury vacations, fancy cars, and designer clothes.

A lot of these celebrities who flaunt the lifestyle of the rich and famous have loads of money but are not happy internally. What matters the most is for you to feel successful on the inside without having to showboat your wealth and assets.

The growth of business on the outside may not be as fast as you want it to be but what matters, even more is the growth of your success on the inside.

Success Is Not Overnight

You will be surprised to learn how many young entrepreneurs and new business owners expect to get rich overnight. One of the main reasons they get into business is because they want to get rich quickly. This is one of the main ways to stunt your growth as this rarely happens.

Is it wrong for you to believe that you can get rich overnight? No. We hope you get rich overnight but truth be told most successful entrepreneurs did not get rich overnight and chances are you will not either. If you go in with a get-rich-quick mindset and you find things not working out at first, you will want to quit because you think your dreams are not working out.

However, if you go in with a mindset that success does not happen overnight, you will be more inclined to see out the rough patches in your business and personal life and push through to success. There are loads of scam artists out there waiting to take advantage of people who are waiting to get rich quickly.

Scammers target these people with fancy get-rich-quick schemes and end up taking all their money. Our advice is to forget the get-rich overnight dream and set yourself financial goals that you want to hit every year and then work diligently towards them. We know that most people don’t want to read this but it has to be said.

Success May Not Be For Me

Some entrepreneurs do reasonably well in business but don’t have a lot of success. This is because somewhere along the way they bought into a limiting belief which says that they are not good enough to have lots of success and as a result, success evades them.

You need to condition your mindset to believe that you are worthy of achieving a lot of success in your business. Expect good things to happen to you and expect big things to happen to you soon and you will be amazed at how things will change in your business. You are not reading this by accident. Believe and you will see things change for the better in your business.


If you have bought into one or more of the beliefs that we have listed, it’s time for you to take action and destroy that negative belief and mindset today. Your success is waiting!

Alex Lysak is the CEO of ScanTeam. He has been working in online marketing since 2011, and his main areas of expertise are marketing research, social media marketing, and SEO. During 9 years of experience, he has helped many products and startups to develop marketing strategies and to implement them further.




Image courtesy of Ono Kosuki.