Never did I know my own song

never did I know you were so wrong

fighting myself every day and night

just to never feel alright

you held me back more than you ever helped and that’s a fact the best thing I did, was realize you are not healthy

You are not willing

You will keep killing

this beautiful girl that’s now healing

it’s easier to write

when the truth is on my side

when I opened my eyes

tears came falling..screams went yelling and now my story I am telling

I say no to you

I say no to you

I am walking away

I am freer than I have ever been today seeing you that way

28 years

and little did I know you have been the cause of my tears then you wipe them up like Its not real

ask me how I feel

just to gain ammunition what’s your deal

oh ya you’re sick

but you’ll never believe this so I walk away

I have no choice, and honestly there isn’t another way used to stay up and pray

that maybe the god you believed in

could help you see what you do

that was before I knew

that you use him just like you do all the things you put your energy into.. I am happy to know you don’t really care

cause that means the way you hurt

It’s coming from elsewhere

I’m protecting this little girl

the one who was scared of the world

you taught her to hide but now I’ve never felt more alive..

freeing myself from the damage you’ve done will take some time, but no I will not run

I see it now

and damn I am mourning the loss of a father who lives under the same sun

And from me to the person reading this…

Please know that you deserve unconditional love. Please know you don’t have to be any certain way in order to be good enough. It is not easy coming to terms with the fact that the person you love is not good for you, or that you were abused but taught it was normal. Reach out. I promise there are people out there who care about you. Who TRULY care about you.

Em Garcia

Em Garcia is a Hip Hop Artist and Writer. She is a growth seeker and believes kindness can change the world. She believes in everything and everyone. Honesty within yourself and others is the first step to an authentic life is the motto she lives by. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.





Image courtesy of Olya Kobruseva.